18/04/2019- GBR

Consultation on GBR Cadet and Junior Calendar and Policies

BF today opened it’s consultation on the 2019-20 GBR Cadet and Junior policies, ranking schemes, points calculations and calendar:

The consultation will be open until 1st May 2019 and all feedback should be send to [email protected].

Please note that selection policies will be subject to Board Approval.

Points to Note:

  • Subject to change: The Calendar may still change in line with feedback and any further notifications from the EFC & FIE and/or due to venue availability.
  • Selection dates are also draft and may also be adjusted in line with any alterations. Please note that these are cut-off dates for results, not the date that selection is published.
  • BRCs – Where possible and appropriate we will be (re-)introducing repechage into Cadet and Junior BRCs to provide more competition experience.
  • Cadet Major Events – The intention is that the ADP will be working to support as many athletes to reach the qualification standard for the individual event at the Cadet European and World Championships. With regards to the European Cadet Team Championships, if two individuals have qualified the ADP will seek to select additional athletes to form a team. As there is no Cadet Team event in the Cadet World Championships (2020, Salt Lake City) it is the intention that BF will only select qualified fencers to compete in the individual event.
  • Junior Major Events – The intention is that the ADP will be working to support as many athletes to reach the individual qualification standard and therefore fence in Junior European and World Championships. As there is a Junior Team event in both the Junior European and Junior World Championships it is the intention that the ADP will be preparing teams throughout the season to compete at these events.
  • Udine/Leszno Junior Foil World Cup – We are aware that the trial of the “no-white-light” rule will be in place for these tournaments however the expectation is that they will be trialled in the later stages.


Athlete Development Programme Statement

  1. Competition calendar is aimed to be progressive and is designed to aid selection of the  3 or 4 fencers selected for the Europeans and World championship
  2. Consideration has been given to the appropriateness of the competition for each fencers, to drive, the process, performance and outcome goals (policy point 12)
  3. Each Junior World Cup weapon selection aims to be 12 fencers based on an 8 and 4 model, with the ambition of sending squads of 12, but recognise this may not always be in the best interests of the fencers long term development (policy point  21 & 22).

Seasonal Goals for the ADP Coaches

  1. Increase the numbers of fencers who reach the individual qualification standard for the European and World Championships
  2. Improve performances at European and World Championships (individual and team)
  3. Create a stronger pipeline of fencers into the fencer pathway system



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