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On 18th December 2013 Peter King chaired the second of his monthly staff meetings at British Fencing Head Quarters.  The purpose of these meetings is for all members of staff and key contractors to share what work they have been doing to ensure that we work productively together as a team, supporting each other and the Board and serving the sport and our members as effectively as we can.  A brief update of what was discussed follows.


Alex Newton – Performance Director

–        Post-Olympic athlete and coach reviews performed.

–        Preparation and submission of the Project Rio Business Case.

–        Funding decision announced so planning for how the award is allocated has already begun in preparation for April 2013.

Maxine McCombie – International Operations & Logistics Coordinator

–        Implementation of a new online international trips system.

–        Review of international kit branding with new Errea range.

–        Preparation of international calendar for 2013 including updating selection criteria on the website.


Charlie Miller – Workforce & Business Development Coordinator

–        Scheduling coaching courses to run in the early part of 2013.  This will be the busiest period of coach education training ever carried out by British Fencing.

–        Successfully applied for funding from a variety of agencies to subsidise these courses.  More information can be found here.

–        Planning work already begun with the rest of the team on how they will achieve the targets set in year one of the Sport England funding to ensure funding in years 2-4.

–        Preparation of copy for To The Point.

Jack Boteler – Go/Fence Coordinator

–        Reinvigorating the link between Change 4 Life clubs and clubs in the community.

–        Preparation work for the School Games.

–        Working to increase the number and depth of Go/Fence courses.

Katie Dolan – Events Coordinator

–        Working with the Competitions and Calendar Committee on competition format with particular reference to the Beazley British Championships.  The goal is to ensure that the best British fencers are encouraged to attend.

–        Preparing for the Beazley Trophy (Women’s Sabre World Cup) including work on the FIE Centennial celebrations which will take place during the event.

–        Finalising logistics for upcoming British Fencing competitions.

Neil Brown – Projects Officer

–        Development work on the AASE programme.

–        Organisation of cadet/junior training camps with Alan Rapley including one this week with the Japanese team.

Liz Behnke – Equality & Safeguarding Manager

–        Preparing the portfolio for British Fencing’s submission for the Child Protection Standards.

–        Developing a club welfare pack and training resources for Club Welfare Officers.

–        Finalising the British Fencing welfare procedures.

Margaret Nolan has also joined the team on a part-time basis in a managerial capacity.  Her focus has been on reviewing the current set up, supporting the team and working on increasing the exposure of the sport in order to increase participation.


Karim Bashir – Media Officer

–        Liaison with Beazley’s marketing agency, WSM.  This month included working on a number of post-Games athlete appearances and approval of the new international kit branding.

–        Preparation of an online membership communications survey.  This is awaiting Board approval before being release.

–        Various web/press releases have been prepared, posted and/distributed as well as management of British Fencing’s social media (including live results service on Twitter for three cadet internationals and the Leon Paul International).

–        Preparation of a full proposal for the delivery of a £20k plus celebration of the FIE Centennial at the Beazley Trophy.


David Moseley is conducting a thorough review of British Fencing’s financial procedures with a view to improving efficiency as well as accountability.  This is an ongoing project that is being supported by the rest of the workforce but especially Joanna Martin, Accounts Assistant.  Joanna also continues to do her day-to-day accounts work.

Head Office

Kim Robinson (Head Office Manager) continues to run a tight but happy ship at HQ.  Her role goes way beyond answering calls and general enquiry emails.  She liaises with every single member of the workforce assisting where needed.  She also spends a fair amount of her time updating the website.  Jennifer Bathurst assists her.


Peter King (supported by Penny Moseley) closed the meeting with an update of his work.  He has been liaising with David Teasdale in order that the Board is kept aware of the work that the Executive have been doing.  He was heavily involved in the submission for the Project Rio Business Case.  He also gave the apologies of those not in attendance.

The next meeting is scheduled for 24th January 2012.  Merry Christmas to one and all.

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