14/01/2013- Latest News

Across the Pond Productions are producing an online TV YouTube channel for Guinness World Records called ‘Guinness World Records OMG’ which has five different series.  One of them which airs every Wednesday is called Slo-Mo Test Lab, where they take existing World Records and recreate the skills and/or activities involved but in slow motion.  They are dedicating one episode to fencing world records where they are seeking two skilled fencers to attend their studios to perform skills that they will record with our motion cameras. 

They require two fencing with enough skill to demonstrate fencing at a high standard. You don’t have to be an GB international but be confident that you can deliver well on camera.  Both male and female athletes can apply for the casting. 

They are shooting this on the Tuesday 22nd January 2013 in the afternoon, most likely from 2pm. The time could be flexible throughout the day but the date itself cannot be changed.  They already have a studio called Balt Craft Studios based in Seven Sisters, North London.  They will only need two to three hours of volunteers’ time and will pay for transport. Please check the website for the venue to see if it is suitable for the sport set up http://beltcraftstudios.com/ 

If you are interested in being put forward for this opportunity please email [email protected] with a recent image and a brief summary of you fencing expertise.

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