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British Fencing DiSE Programme 2022-24

The application process for the British Fencing Diploma in Sporting Excellence Programme, run as part of the Athlete Development Programme, is now open.




The application process for the next cohort of DiSE fencers is now open.

What is the Diploma in Sporting Excellence?

It is a Level 3 qualification designed for fencers who have the realistic potential to achieve excellence and are seeking to perform at the highest level.  The programme will cover all areas of training, will help fencers to develop as athlete and fencer, and gain a UCAS-recognised qualification on completion.

Who Can Apply?

All 16-18 year olds who have completed their GCSE year and are ranked in the top 40 (for their age on any national ranking list) are eligible to apply for this British Fencing programme.  Priority will be given to fencers who are already part of the Athlete Development Programme and places are limited.

  • Available to fencers resident in England only, we cannot accept applicants who do not have an address in England
  • Fencers must be enrolled on a state-funded educational programme (there are some exceptions to this, for those on financial scholarships, please contact us for more information).
  • Fencers must be aged 16, 17, or 18 on the 1st September in the academic year of starting the programme  (for September 2022 intake born between 2/9/2003 & 1/9/2006)
  • Fencers should have completed their GCSE year before starting
  • Applicants must be in the top 40 in Britain at their age group (or be of at least that standard).


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