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Diversity Listening Event: LGBT+

CEO and Board Director to host Listening Event for BF’s LGBT+ community.

As part of BF’s series of listening events, the topic of the June Diversity session gives the opportunity to members of the LGBT+ fencing community in the UK to share their experiences, thoughts and views directly with senior leadership in BF including Georgina Usher (CEO), Virginia Bailey (Head of Participation) and Caryl Oliver (Director on the British Fencing Board).

The event will be held at the end of Pride month, on 30th June at 6pm. Members of our LGBT+ community are invited to register their interest here.

Diversity Listening Events are scheduled throughout the year and focus on areas where a better understanding of the personal experiences of members of our community will enable us to improve the work that we do. This listening and development of a better understanding are vital and the session is designed to provide a safe space for discussion, observations and requests. It will also enable us to anticipate any action plan that may be developed following the meeting.

The June session takes place during Pride month and further sessions on different topics are announced throughout the year. We welcome constructive participation from members within the specific communities discussed in the event. As the event is for these members to contribute ideas, views and share their experiences with us, we encourage active participation. The event will not be recorded but outcomes, action plans and important points will be shared in a summary news post after the event.

BF members from our LGBT+ community can register to join the session here.

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