03/11/2021- Member


Five BF candidates were appointed by the European Fencing Confederation (EFC) Executive Committee to EFC Commissions and Councils. 

The EFC Executive Committee met over the weekend and appointed all the commission and council members.

Gillian Aghajan (Veterans Council), Thomas Cadman (Legal Commission), Mary Cohen (Medical Commission) and Peter Huggins (Semi Commission) all retained their memberships of their respective commissions and councils.

Having previously served as a reserve member, Jon Willis was selected as a full member of the Competition Commission.

Recognising the large number of professional, competent and skillful applicants that were proposed, the Executive Committee will be asking unsuccessful candidates to closely cooperate with relevant Commissions and Councils in working groups which will be created to implement the EFC development program. Thus Karim Bashir and Pat Aiyenuro will be invited to join working groups in their respective areas of Marketing/Promotion and Women & Sports.

The EFC will be updating it’s website here.


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