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EFC launches a new Safeguarding Code of Conduct which sets out the safeguarding standards of conduct for all those participating and involved in EFC Fencing Competitions. 

This code of conduct applies to everyone participating in EFC competitions, including parents, coaches and supporters.

Development of this code of conduct was started by the participants in the EFC Competition Safeguarding Officer Course, organised by British Fencing and delivered as part of the EFC Solidarity Programme initiative.  The course was run by Liz Behnke, BF Lead Safeguarding Officer and Georgina Usher, FIE Safeguarding Officer.

The participants recognised the need for a common set of behavioural standards to help Competition Organisers and Competition Safeguarding and Welfare Officers understand what should and should not be accepted, particularly in competitions for children (U18s).

The resulting standards reflect EFC’s commitment to providing competition environments free from harassment and abuse, it’s desire to grow fencing for young people in Europe, as well as reflecting generally recognised standards of discipline and good sporting behaviour.

Georgina Usher, BF CEO, said “More and more fencing nations are coming together to share best practices in relation to safeguarding and create competition environments that safeguard participants. Importantly this code of conduct sets out the minimum behavioural standards expected at all EFC competitions irrespective of where the competitions are held.”

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