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The European Fencing Confederation (EFC) has published COVID protocols for all EFC events covering all participants including spectators.  

The new COVID protocols can be found here and covers all EFC events including EFC U17 (Cadet) and EFC U23 Circuit events.

The document applies to “nationals of the host country as well as foreign visitors. It includes conditions on which spectators may attend events

These protocols can be different to those that may be in place in fencing events in the UK, for example

  • “Participants must maintain sanitary distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  • Body temperature control is to be carried out at the entrance to the venue for all participants.
  • Coach must wear a visor in the minute break if he is closer than 1.5 meter to the fencers, if possible.
  • Participants must comply to any additional measures and regulations imposed by local authorities.
  • Reception by the EFC of Form Covid-19 acknowledgment of risk and release form liability for fencers is a prerequisite for registration (NB the intention is that these are collated by BF in advance (Parents/Guardians to sign for U18s)
  • The Host Organizers request an authorized COVID-19 Antigen (not older than 48 hours*) or PCR (not older than 72 hours*) testing certificate or a vaccination
    certificate from all participants (fencers, coaches, accompanying persons)
    released by an accredited laboratory. Alternatively, instead of the vaccination,
    medical certification about past Covid infections not older than 180 days can be requested “

*We do not have details on the exact timings but would assume that this is calculated from the published competition start times.

Facemasks are mandatory for all participants (including spectators), except when fencing or warming up. Please note that the rules/laws in the UK around exemptions for facemasks may be different, anyone travelling to an EFC event who requires an exemption may need to provide additional paperwork, and will at all times be subject to local law.

More details can be found here regarding International Travel responsibilities here.

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