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Hungary is hosting the first EFC U14 Fencing Festival in Budapest from 28 June to 30 June. Eligible fencers who wish to participate are welcome to express interest. Invitations to participate will follow, subject to a prioritisation process should more eligible fencers apply than spaces are available.

The EFC has announced a new U14 Festival, confirming the dates and entry criteria.

BF is the recognised National Federation responsible for submitting entries to the EFC events.

How many fencers will be invited?

Each nation can enter a maximum of eight fencers per event, depending on their birth year and weapon.

How will BF decide which fencers to invite?

Invitations will be based on eligibility criteria and recent performances.

Invitation Criteria

  • Year of birth 2010 or 2011 (as set by the EFC)
  • Standard GBR representational requirements (BF membership, GBR nationality)- link
  • International Experience—Although the event’s premise is that of a fun festival-style event, there are still rules about equipment and expected standards (e.g., full tracksuits on podiums, accredited coaches) which means that anyone invited to participate must have sufficient international experience.
  • BF Performance Standards for the Festival are at least one of the following:
    • Top 12 at the BYCs OR,
    • Top 20 EFC Rankings


Prioritisation Process

Should more eligible fencers request to participate than there are spaces available, the spaces will be prioritised as follows:

  • ADP membership – includes those recently invited.
  • By EFC U14 or Cadet ranking as at the 24th May 2024 (within the top 20).
  • International experience (priority to those that have fenced at least two or more relevant international tournaments from 1st April 2023 to 20th May 2024 with a top 40% finish in at least one)
  • Attended EFC International competitions during the 2023-24 season . (Entry report)
  • Final placing at the most recent 2024 British Youth Championships Under 14 events.

Should fewer fencers request to participate than there are spaces available, BF reserves the right to invite additional fencers who have not met the performance standards but have met all other eligibility criteria, including relevant international experience. For example, if the BYC top 12 predominantly contains 2010 birth years. BF will not aim to fill the event as we want to ensure that the fencer’s entry into the festival is appropriate.

Accommodation, Travel & Transfers

Parents are responsible for these arrangements per the standard U14 and U17 EFC circuit events.

However, the EFC requires accreditation for their event, and fencers must participate in the opening ceremony (see schedule below), which must be factored into travel arrangements.

A copy of the current competition information can be found here: 

Additional Requirements from Organisers

Please note the variation in the equipment rules and ensure that your equipment meets the required standards.

  • All athletes are required to attend the Opening Ceremony on Saturday.
  • Coaches must hold a valid EFC Coaching licence and wear a full GBR tracksuit. 

Tracksuits on Podiums – Full tracksuits are required on podiums. Fencers are encouraged to wear their club tracksuits or ADP tracksuits if they own one. Alternatively, fencers can purchase and wear the GBR development range – link to purchase here.


Expression window opens 13/05/2024
Expression window closes 5pm on 24/05/2024
Review Expressions of interest 27/05/2024
Invitations on Sport80 28/05/2024
Invitations Close 31/05/2024


If you believe your fencer meets the criteria set out above and would like to express their interest, click here:


If you have any questions relating to this post, please submit them to us via the form, and a member of the GBR Support Team will come back to you: Pathway/GBR Query Form


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