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Nominations are invited for the role of Non-Executive Director of England Fencing Ltd to take office following the AGM in November (provisionally 20th – TBD). Attached is a brief description of the functions of a Non-Executive Director – please read it and make sure you are clear on the role.

In order to stand for election you must be 18 or over on the qualification date and gain the approval of at least 15 members who are eligible to vote. Eligible to vote means they must also be 18 or over and a paid up member on the Nomination date. All memberships will be checked!

N.B Social membership does not allow you to stand or entitle you to nominate and vote for somebody else.

There are 2 vacancies arrising due to retirement by rotation.

All nominations must be made on the attached form. You may use as many forms as you wish as long as the total number of members validly nominating you is at least 15.

The key dates are shown below.

Announcement date 12th September 2011

Nomination date 12th October 2011

Qualifying date 14th October 2011

Nominations must be received by noon on the Nomination Date. You may return the forms by email or post. If you return them by post, please use registered post or special delivery as you will not be allowed to stand if your forms are lost or delayed.

To return the forms by email please scan them and send to [email protected] and copy [email protected] . You will get an acknowledgement that we have received your forms within 24 hours. If you do not get an acknowledgement or you send it less than 24 hours before the deadline, you need to contact us to confirm receipt. While we do what we can to help, It is your responsibility to ensure the forms reach us by the deadline.
If an election is required, members 18 or over on the Qualifying date will be eligible to vote.
If you have any questions about the election procedures please contact [email protected]

Nomination Form

The role of England Directors within England Fencing Ltd (2011)

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