18/09/2012- Latest News

Fresh from spending a summer working as a Gamesmaker at both the Olympics and Paralympics Liz Behnke is joining British Fencing in the new role of Safeguarding and Equality Manager.  Although her fencing is hardly up to those standards, she has a passion for sport in general (except football) and finding ways of getting people engaged regardless of who they are or their background or ability.
Sport in general is buzzing at the moment, and we need to make sure that we can sustain that enthusiasm.  That means not only offering more sessions, but also having the right infrastructure in place.   Liz’s role will be looking to drive forward plans and structures to ensure that can happen.   Over the last few years she has worked with a wide range of organisations including the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation, English Federation of Disability Sport, Age Concern, Sport England as well as several NGB’s developing policies as well as undertaking research.  She is also a regular tutor for Sportscoach UK delivering many workshops with Safeguarding being one her favourites.
Liz’s new role is only the equivalent of one day a week, but she is looking forward to meeting you all

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