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Equality Survey 2023 – Take Part Today

The 2023 Equality Survey has been sent to BF members by email. Members are invited to complete the survey now.

British Fencing is constantly trying to improve its services and look at new ways of encouraging people to get involved in the sport. We work closely with England Fencing, Northern Ireland Fencing, Scottish Fencing and Welsh Fencing in doing this.

To help us with this, we would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing the Equality Survey about yourself and your fencing. The survey has been sent to members via email and takes 5-10 minutes to complete. We can assure you that the information gathered will be confidential and any data gathered will ensure anonymity when it is published.

We encourage all members to complete the survey so we can know more about and represent the people who make our fencing community so vibrant and different. Thank you to everyone who has completed it so far.

Next steps:

Members, please complete the survey today, available in your email inbox.

If you haven’t received the survey link or have any queries about this questionnaire, please contact Virginia Bailey.

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