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Bronze for men’s foil team

The European Championships concluded in Poland over the weekend and the British Men’s Foil team prepared for the Olympic Games, winning the bronze medal in fine style over France.  An event summary follows.

Men’s Foil

James-Andrew Davis (V3D3), Laurence Halsted (V4D1), Richard Kruse (V4D2) and Marcus Mepstead (V3D3) all progressed through the first round.  Halsted received a bye through the incomplete round of 64, before beating Lahunou (BLR) 15-12 and Minuto (TUR) 15-13 but then lost 15-8 to Avola (ITA) in the quarterfinal.  Kruse beat Janda (POL) 15-7 and Cheremisinov (RUS) 15-12 before losing 15-6 to Sanita (GER).  Davis and Mepstead went out in the 64 to Cadot (FRA) 15-14 and Kundera (CZE) 15-10, respectively.  Timur Safin (RUS) won the event beating Erwan Le Pechoux (FRA) 15-9 in the final.  Giorgio Avola (ITA) and Andre Sanita (GER) picked up the bronze medals.

Women’s Sabre

There were no British entries in this event which was won by Sofya Velikaya (RUS).  Anna Marton (HUN) finished second and Olga Kharlan (UKR) and Charlotte Lembach (FRA) claimed the bronze medals.

Women’s Foil

Arianna Errigo clinched the gold medal in this event beating Aida Shanaeva (RUS) in the final.  Carolin Golubytskyi (GER) and Elisa Di Francisca came third.  There were no British entries.

Men’s Epee

Great Britain did not contend this event.  Yannick Borel (FRA) calimed the gold medal beating Max Heinzer (SUI) in the final.  Jean-Michel Lucenay (FRA) and Bogdan Nikishin (UKR) picked up the bronze medals.

Women’s Epee

Simona Gherman (ROU) took the title in this event beating team mate Ana Maria Popescu in the final.  Renata Knapik-Miazga (POL) and Emese Szasz (HUN) were the bronze medalists.  Again, no British fencers took part in this discipline.

Men’s Sabre

Will Deary (V3D3), James Honeybone (V3D3) and Curtis Miller (V3D3) made it through a tough first round but and Jonathan Webb (V2D4) did not.  Deary lost 15-10 to Teodosiu (ROU) and Honeybone was knocked out by Yildrim (TUR) 15-5 in the round of 64 but Miller progressed, beating Van Holsbeke (BEL) 15-13.  He then faced reigning Olympic Champion, Szilagyi (HUN) in the and despite a brilliant effort, lost 15-13.  Benedikt Wagner (GER) won the title 15-13 over Vincent Anstett (FRA) as Kamil Imbragimov (RUS) and Alexey Yakimenko (RUS) had to settle for bronze.

Men’s Team Foil

The Russian team (Akhmatkhuzin, Cheremisinov, Rigin and Safin) claimed the title in this event beating Italy (Avola, Baldini, Cassara and Garozzo) 45-42 in the final.  Great Britain beat France 45-28 to take the bronze.  Full report here.

Women’s Team Sabre

Russia (Dyachenko, Egorian, Gavrilova and Velikaya) beat France (Berder, Boudiaf, Brunet and Lembach) 45-39 to take the gold medal in this event.  Ukraine (Kharlan, Komaschuck, Kryvatska and Voronina) won the third place play-off 45-42 over Poland (Jozwiak, Kedziora, Puda and Socha).

Men’s Team Epee

France (Borel, Grumier, Jerent and Lucenay) struck gold in this event beating Italy (Buzzi, Garozzo, Pizzo and Santarelli) 45-40 in the final as Ukraine (Herey, Karuchenko, Khvorost and Nikishin) beat Switzerland (Borsky, Heinzer, Kauter and Steffen) 45-31 to take the bronze.

Women’s Team Foil

The Russians (Deriglazova, Korobeynikova, Shanaeva and Zagidullina) claimed another gold medal in this event beating Italy (Batini, Di Francisca, Errigo and Volpi) 45-38.  France (Guyart, Mpah-Njanga, Ranvier and Thibus) beat Hungary (Knapek, Kreiss, Lupkovics and Mohamed) 45-30 to take the bronze medal.

Women’s Team Epee

Estonia (Beljajeva, Emrich, Kirpu and Kuusk) took the title in this event beating France Cadassamy, Jaques Andre Cocquin, Mallo and Rembi) 33-28 in the final.  Romania (Dinu, Gherman, Pop and Popescu) beat Hungary (Budai, Kun, Revesez and Szasz) 27-19 for the bronze medal.

Men’s Team Sabre

Great Britain (Deary, Miller, Slankard and Webb) beat Spain 45-40 in the round of 32 before losing 45-26 to Russia.  In the placings matches the British lost 45-42 to France and 45-33 to Germany to finish eighth.

The Russian team (Danilenko, Ibragimov, Kovalev and Yakimenko) went on to take the last gold of the championships beating Italy (Berre, Curatoli, Occhiuzzi and Samele) 45-42 as Romania (Badea, Dolniceanu, Galatanue and Teodosiu) claimed bronze by beating Hungary (Decsi, Iliasz, Szatmari and Szylagyi) 45-32.

A full list of results is available here.

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