07/06/2023- European Games


Peter Huggins, Jon Willis and Georgina Usher appointed to roles at the European Games as SEMI delegate, member of DT and Safeguarding Officer respectively, with Adrian Speakman selected as a referee.

The European Fencing Confederation (EFC) has designated three British Fencing officials into EFC delegate positions for the European Games.

Peter Huggins has been appointed as SEMI delegate. Peter is a member of the EFC SEMI Commission with many years of experience in both fencing and wheelchair fencing major championships, including three Olympic and Paralympic Games (2012, 2016 & 2020). Peter is also a member of IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Executive Committee.

Jon Willis, member of the EFC Competitions Committee is designated as a member of DT following a number of recent DT appointments for major championships including 2023 U23 European Championships, 2022 Senior European Championships and 2022 World Veteran Championships. Jon Willis is Head of DT for all BF’s Championship events.

Georgina Usher, President of the FIE Women and Fencing Council and acting FIE Safeguarding Officer for major championships has been appointed as Safeguarding Officer. Most recently, Georgina Usher performed this role at the 2021, 2022 & 2023 Cadet & Junior World Championships and 2023 Cadet & Junior European Championships.

Adrian Speakman, BF’s only FIE Master List referee, was selected by the EFC as a referee, following his 2022 & 2023 Senior World Championship selection by the FIE and significant experience refereeing at multiple European Championships at Cadet, Junior and Senior level.


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