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Beazley commissioned project reveals skill and strategy underlying lightning quick moves

Fencing is among the fastest of sports, with decisive encounters lasting mere fractions of a second. British Fencing is today pleased to announce the launch of a trilogy of short films designed to reveal the mix of strategic thinking and lightning reflexes that has caused the sport to be likened to ‘high speed chess.’

The films cover two clashes between foilists and one between sabreurs.  Firstly the movements are shown in full speed and then replayed in super-slow motion, complemented by a strong, clear voiceover.

Speaking on behalf of British Fencing, Gabby Williams, Development Director, said: “These videos have been produced in an extremely professional way and are a resource that we can use to help grow the number of people involved in fencing.  I hope they inspire individuals and organisations who are relatively new to the sport, generating a greater level of awareness and excitement about its beauty, elegance and skill.  The videos will prove an invaluable tool for me and my team and I would like to thank Beazley for producing them.” 

Speaking on behalf of Beazley, William Pitt, Head of Marketing, added: “Fencing is not always the most accessible of sports for the simple reason that fencers move so fast.  We wanted to take the blur of movement that a newcomer to the sport might see and deconstruct it, showing what is really happening – not just physically but also in the minds of the combatants.”

All three videos are available on British Fencing’s YouTube channel or individually here:

–       Fencing Moves Trilogy Episode 1 – Circular Sixte Parry Riposte

–       Fencing Moves Trilogy Episode 2 – Stop Cut.  Strike to the Wrist

–       Fencing Moves Trilogy Episode 3 – Prime Riposte and Strike Fast

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