03/12/2013- Latest News

British Fencing is always keen to improve its services to our members and to attract more people, of all ages into our sport.  To help us achieve this and to create the right policies and programmes, we need up to date information about you and fencers generally.

Please could you complete this latest survey?  It is short and designed to take very little of your time.  It does involve some questions that are personal.  We hope that you understand why we need this information.  We assure you that all the information gathered is anonymous and guarantee that no individual can or will be identified through this survey or its results.

We hope that you will complete all questions but there is the opportunity for you not to declare any information, if you so wish.  

This survey is not limited to members of British Fencing but open to all people who fence.  As such, we would be extremely grateful if you could pass this survey onto to other fencers you that know even if they are not currently members of British Fencing.

We very much appreciate your help in compiling data about fencers and fencing in Britain.  This information is only for the use of British Fencing.  The survey results will help to make a real difference to our sport over the next 5-10 years.  

Please start the survey here.

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