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We’re all meeting, talking and interacting online a lot these days. Have a listen to some of the fencing podcasts available now.

There is an abundance of digital content to consume, through videos, webinars and streaming services. If you’re looking for something more fencing specific, here’s a round up of some of the best podcasts to listen to, in lockdown and beyond.

Fenced In Ben Peggs and Christopher Mollard

The Fenced In podcast is, in essence sports and fencing framed in a light, conversational piece. The show is hosted by two GB international fencers, Ben Peggs and Christopher Mollard, who have the added dynamic of being coach and student.

They share their experience as well as their tried and tested ideas of how to continue to improve in this technical sport that we all remain so passionate about, through lockdown and beyond. With nearly 30 years of knowledge between them, Chris and Ben discuss how to train and how to improve both their mental and physical fitness in such a way as to maximise their full potential. The duo explores the newest and continually evolving side of our sport that is ‘quarantine training’, sharing their experience from their own homes and exploring the many ways that fencers and athletes in other sports can make the most of training during this global pandemic. Discussing anything and everything – from mindfulness in the living room to point control in the garden, the show also features a much in demand ‘ask us anything’ segment where listeners have the opportunity to ask the questions they want the answers to.

The show has been in popular demand with the international fencing community and those expressing an interest in taking part are spread across a variety of roles: coaches, fencers and training experts of all levels and abilities. With so much knowledge often kept behind closed doors, Ben and Chris have made it their mission to share it by inviting them on to talk about what they have learnt from their respective careers in the sport. Jon Salfield (GB Sabre coach and head of the Truro high performance programme) and Dan Kellner (Olympian and head coach at Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club) are just a two of those who have been interviewed on the podcast with many more headline acts to follow.

Ben and Chris have also teamed up with the popular fencing YouTuber CyrusofChaos to analyse one of Ben’s fights as a great demonstration of how to do video analysis, following episode 3 where it was covered.

Tune in for: If you’re wanting to make the most out of quarantine, then let’s be Fenced In together. Search for the Fenced In podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify or YouTube to keep up to date with their latest ideas or click here https://tinyurl.com/y84ydbyq

Tokyo 2020 Fencing Podcast David Baker and Karim Bashir

In 2015, I set up a Facebook page tracking the Fencing Olympic Qualification standings every week in the run up to the Rio 2016 Games. Whilst designed for the fencers and teams, the page had a fantastic following with other fencers, coaches, and fans – finishing up with 25,000+ followers. The backbone of the system was a reasonably complicated spreadsheet that automatically calculated the standings for teams and fencers alike once I plugged in the results from each relevant event. Getting the output quickly each week, meant that I could spend more time on content. In a desire to take it a step further for Tokyo 2020, I reached out to Karim Bashir, in my view one of the best FIE commentators (and Editor of this magazine!). Together we created a podcast to further engage with a fan base that we both knew was there. The result is the Tokyo 2020 Fencing Podcast where we marry the statistics with the stories and more recently guest interviews.

The success and engagement is more than either of us hoped for – especially given that have to do everything remotely. Sometimes we’re recording podcasts when we’re on different continents on the way back from working at FIE competitions, maybe sharing that experience adds something even more special. It’s sad but necessary for qualification to be temporarily be halted. The minute that it is safe to do so, the World will start to get back to normal – including fencing qualification for Tokyo. You can be sure that Karim and I are ready and waiting to record and distribute the next episode when it does.

Tune in for: all the talk about fencing qualification for Tokyo here, https://fencingtokyo.buzzsprout.com/

Be You. Be Different British Fencing

Discover the world of British Fencing. From grassroots visions to Olympic dreams, we reveal how this sport has a past and future to talk about. The British Fencing podcast includes interviews with athletes, coaches and the people involved in fencing in the UK. Each episode opens up a different door into the world of UK fencing and explores how our sport challenges and enhances us as individuals. The podcast also reaches beyond the fencing world to explore subjects relevant to anyone interested in sport. Discover how our Athlete Development Programme is integrating holistic approaches, explore mental health awareness in sport and learn more about how parents can create a positive environment for their children as they try new things.

Tune in for: interviews with fencers including JJ Webb, Marcus Mepstead and Olympic team manager Johnny Davis. There’s also an in-depth episode about British Fencing’s work with London Youth, talking about why the football coaches at Cray Wanderers now deliver fencing to their participants. Listen here: https://link.chtbl.com/Fencing

The Fencing Podcast Sean Walton and Gavin McMenemy

Listen in while Gavin and Sean talk all things fencing-related. With a smattering of knowledge, plenty of enthusiasm, loads of opinion and a few laughs. The Fencing Podcast has been broadcasting since 2016 and has dozens of episodes about International fencing. Tune in for: Interviews, opinions and coverage of the major events in the calendar. This is one of the longest running podcasts on fencing and well worth a listen. They’re on Itunes or you can find the RSS link below. Fencing Podcast RSS

The Big Hit

Another production from Sean and Gavin of the Fencing Podcast, they are joined by Kate Daykin to explore the world of Scottish Fencing. Interviews, chats and a great look at Scottish Fencing.

Tune in for: Great interviews. Here is a link to Kate’s interview with British Fencing’s CEO Georgina Usher.


This article first appeared in The Sword, July 2020


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