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Congratulations to GBR referees Chiara McDermott, David Fielding and Luke Deamer, who all now have a two-weapon FIE license in Foil and Epee after passing the FIE referee exams in Rome this week.

The annual International Fencing Federation (FIE) referee exams held in Rome concluded today with all three GBR candidates passing, gaining 4 new FIE licenses between them.

David Fielding (SCO) took his first FIE exams in both Foil and Epee and achieved a successful outcome in both. He was joined by Luke Deamer (ENG) and Chiara McDermott (ENG) who took their second weapon FIE exams in Epee and Foil, respectively.

Chiara is the first female referee to achieve a two-weapon FIE license since the Referee Pathway Programme began in 2015 and Lynne Melia (WAL) gained her second FIE license in 2011. Previous two-weapon female FIE referees include Linda Strachan (ENG, 2010) and Susannah Wesley (WAL, 2006).

Chiara said on achieving her second weapon FIE license,

“I’m so thrilled to have gained my second FIE license, becoming the only current female two-weapon licensed GBR referee. I’m grateful to British Fencing for all their support on this journey and I look forward to continuing to develop on the international circuit.”

David added,

“I am very pleased to have passed both my FIE Foil and Epee refereeing exams this week and look forward to the opportunities that this opens for me. The Referee Pathway Programme and Level 4 Mock FIE exams really helped to prepare me for the exams. I would like to thank British Fencing, the British Fencing mentors together with the EFC mentors Vilem Madr, Martina Ganassin and Ambre Civiero-Aivano who have supported my development.”

Luke commented,

“I’m delighted to pass my FIE Epee exam and I look forward to using both my licenses at future events. I’d also like to extend my thanks to British Fencing, my mentor Adrian Speakman, the EFC Vilem Madr, Martina Ganassin and Ambre Civiero-Aivano, British Fencing support staff and all those that have supported my referee development.” 

Georgina Usher, BF’s CEO, added,

“Firstly I would like to congratulate the referees on their achievements. All three referees have worked exceptionally hard over the years, supporting fencing events at all levels across the UK and beyond. For all three candidates to pass is testament to their dedication to their development, as well as to the Referee Pathway Programme that is now in place to support the training and education of referees to international standard. This programme has been created and delivered with the help and support of so many referees and volunteers from across the sport who deserve our thanks and I hope that they can all take pride in what we are managing to achieve together.  Finally I’d like to acknowledge the hard work of the BF team, in particular Nickie Bailey who has dedicated so much of her time to this development programme.”

Hilary Philbin, BF’s President, added,

“This result is recognition of the quality of referees that we are producing in the UK, enabling us to play a greater role in supporting the growth of fencing across Europe and beyond. On behalf of British Fencing I would like to thank the EFC, in particular those members of the Referee Commission who have supported this referee development work.”

The work of the GBR International Referee Pathway Programme is supported by UK Sport International Relations funding.

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