30/07/2014- Latest News

British Fencing would like to draw your attention to a letter received from the FIE yesterday, also available on the FIE website here.

It states “We wish to inform you that starting from September 1st, 2014, only masks with two independent security devices will be allowed for use at all FIE competitions”.


Update  –  The European Fencing Confederation will be applying the requirement for the additional back strap on contour masks at European events ie, cadet and under-23 circuits. 


This instruction only relates to the Leon Paul Contour Masks.

“British Fencing will not for the moment be extending this requirement beyond FIE competitions, there being no recorded accident in Britain, at least in recent years, arising from a dislodged mask”.  


Leon Paul have issued the following statement:

“From the 1st of September at FIE events fencers will be required to use masks with two independent safety systems. Current available options are a traditional mask with a metal back and elastic strap or the Leon Paul Contour fit Plus mask which has an elastic strap and a magnetically closed buckle.

Fencers can upgrade their existing X-change masks to conform to the new rules by purchasing a new bib and strap. They are available from the Leon Paul website and there is a video to help explain the new system here http://goo.gl/0UVUwa”.

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