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FIE publishes 2021 Competition Calendar & Senior Rankings Scheme

Publication of provisional calendar of international FIE competitions from 1st January up to the Olympic Games, along with the schema for Senior World Rankings.

The updated FIE Calendar 2020-2021 – Provisional includes Junior World Cups, Senior World Cups and Grand Prixs, Zonal Championships, U17 & U20 World Championships and Olympic Zonal Qualifiers.

Taken from the FIE communication:

Calendar of 2020-2021 season

The FIE Executive Committee has revised the global situation related to COVID-19, since the current situation in the world looks like this:

  • Sanitary rules and regulations vary greatly from country to country and are constantly changing.
  • Quarantine and other mandatory sanitary measures are sometimes mandatory.
  • There are significant travel and movement restrictions.
  • In a number of countries, the training of athletes has not returned to a normal pace.
  • Some organizers have cancelled their competitions in November or December, while others cannot confirm them yet.

On September 18, 2020, the Executive Committee decided that competitions cannot be resumed before January 1, 2021.


1. Resumption of competitions:

a) For Junior’s calendar:

from January 9-10, 2021 to February 20-21

It is supposed to hold 4 competitions for juniors (2 WC individual + 2 WC individual and team events in each weapon). It is also planned to hold ZCH junior & cadet (February 26 – March 3, 2021) and WCH J & C on 03-11.04.2021 in Cairo, EGY.

b) For the senior’s calendar:

from 16-17 January 2021 to 21 May 2021

It is supposed to hold 4 WC in women’s and men’s epee and sabre and 3 WC women’s and men’s foil + 3 GP in each weapon, Zonal qualifying events (15-19 April), as well as ZCH (from June 1-15, 2021).


2. Rankings

a) Senior rankings: see Schema of the senior rankings for 2020-2021 season

The rankings/starting points of the senior “parallel” rankings will be those of March 2020

These “parallel” senior rankings will be established without (will not include) the cities from the previous season. Points will be added competition after competition. Consequently, there will be no cities or points to replace from the previous season.

b) The official junior ranking for the calendar competitions 2020-2021.

–  Due to the cancellation of the WCH J & C 2020, fencers’ points of the 2019 WCH J&C will be retained in the FIE ranking.

–  On the basis of the decision of the Executive Committee in February 2020, the points of Asian fencers received at the Asian Championship in 2019 will also be preserved given that Asia was not able to hold its zone junior championships in 2020.

–  Points of athletes and teams in the period of September – December 2019 will be  excluded in the applied ranking for FIE juniors.




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