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Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme to be administered by Sport England

It was announced today that fifteen fencers are to be awarded with Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme grants continuing the strong relationship that British Fencing has always had with this body.

Going into its eleventh year, the structure of TASS has fundamentally changed.  Formally, TASS fell under the “elite” structure and as such was funded by UK Sport.  Recent changes now see this award scheme being funded by Sport England for athletes considered to be as part of an alternative route for older fencers not on the BF talent pathway but in full time education.  The ultimate goal continues to be funding athletes who are aiming to achieve world class performance levels whilst continuing their academic education.

Guy Taylor, National Scheme Director for TASS, said; “It’s very much about the dual-career – sport and education – and by encouraging athletes to do that we want to enhance the links between the sport and education sector in order to improve the talent pathway.”

Speaking about the awards, British Fencing’s Head of Talent Pathway said; “A huge thanks to TASS for continuing to support our talented fencers in this country.  The awards give great assistance to fencers that want to continue developing in the sport whilst being in full time education and adds an alternative route for fencers through our fencer pathway.  Criteria for these awards will come out shortly and expressions of interests will be sought.”

It is clear that this scheme is beneficial to the right fencers.  James Davis, who is on the World Class Programme, European Champion and a former TASS recipient said; “Its great news that TASS will continue to support many fencers this year in pursuit of their dreams.  TASS was  a great support to me for many years, offering top services such as Physio and S&C, all of which  helped me get to the top of my sport, whilst being able to continue my education.  Good luck to you all.”

To find out more about TASS please visit their website.


TASS Nomination 2014-2015

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