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Financial Assistance Scheme for BF Cadet & Junior Events

BF extends the scheme to provide fencers from lower socio economic groups (LSEG) free entry to BF run events.

BF has existing schemes and programmes which supports schools/fencers from lower socio-economic groups (LSEG) to participate in fencing activities.

One such scheme waives the entry fees for BF Championships, and this scheme has been extended to cover the A BRCs.

Key points:

  • There are a limited number of places available
  • Applications must in the first instance be completed by officials on behalf of BF affiliated clubs. If the application is successful the fencer (or parent/guardian if U18) will be required to complete a further form
  • Fencers that currently pay for club sparring and lessons are unlikely to be able to benefit from the scheme
  • Fencers attending private education are unlikely to be able to benefit from the scheme unless they are on 100% scholarships
  • Fencers that already receive funding and grants (eg SportsAid) to covers costs of fencing are not eligible


Evidence to support the application must include:

  • Statement from registered club coach – in relation to the suitability of the competition in relation to the development of the athlete
  • Copy of agreement between fencer, parent (if fencer is U18) and club that enables the athlete to access free/discounted club sessions and lessons.
  • If the fencer is attending school, a supporting letter from school – fencer must either be at a state school or have full assisted places at a fee paying educational institute. (We are aware that not all schools are yet back so this will be followed up when term re-starts)

To complete the application please click here.

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