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Over 30 Free Videos Available for Scouts to Fence at Home

Over the last couple of months, BF has released a free online resource for Scout Leaders.

The resource provides Scout Leaders with the opportunity to run a series of fencing sessions with their Scout groups, whilst lockdown continues and Scout groups are unable to meet in person. Like the majority of activities being run for young people, the opportunity to meet face to face was immediately stopped and Beaver, Cub and Scout groups across the country were no longer able to take part in activities in person, alongside their friends and peers. The tireless work of the volunteer army of Scout leaders across the country did not stop when lockdown began, with many moving to online meetings to keep groups connected. BF wanted to ensure that it could provide a resource, for free, for leaders to use as and when they were able to.

The videos consist of a series of lessons delivered by Rob Bruniges, with a number of games and challenges related to the skills learned, headed up by Ben Peggs and Lucy Johnson. However, it’s not just about the practical side of the sport that the resource focuses on. With many Scouts not having access to fencing equipment at home, we wanted to make sure that their first experience of fencing was as realistic and as fun as possible. Making your own sword, fencing outfit and mini salle, have all featured in the weekly challenges.

With nearly 150 Scout leaders signed up, the resource will be a permanent asset for Scouts across the country to access and try their hand at fencing. Virginia Bailey Head of Participation at BF said, “We have all felt the pressure during lockdown and what is incredible to see is the continued determination and drive from Scout leaders across the country to continue to provide opportunities for the young people they work with. We hope that this resource will provide an opportunity for them to try something different and play a part in keeping groups connected.”

If you are a leader that would like to access this resource, then please complete the form below.

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