31/03/2023- Para-Fencing


Congratulations to Gemma Collis, who has reached World number one in Women’s Epee Cat A for Para Fencing. In this Friday’s feature, we share her interview with the BBC about her achievements.

Gemma’s recent gold medal in Women’s Epee Cat A in Pisa has lifted her to the world number one spot for Women’s Epee. The achievement comes twelve years into Gemma’s career with fencing.

You can learn more about Gemma’s journey to number one in her interview aired on the BBC here.

In the interview, Gemma shares how she first started fencing, and shows the dedication she applied as she worked towards her goal of being a Paralympian.

On reaching World No 1 in Pisa Gemma said, “It was an incredible feeling when we realised – it’s something that’s been a goal of mine for a long time. Probably ever since I started really! But it’s just made me hungry for more! There’s certainly much, much more I want to achieve in this sport –  particularly in terms of major championships and I couldn’t ask for a better team behind me to do it!

“I’m fortunate in that I get to stand on the podium, but it truly is such an enormous team effort, and every single success is testament to the hard work, enthusiasm, support and belief of those around me – from my coaches, to my family, sparring partners, and so many more. And not just those I’m working with now, but everyone’s that’s helped me along the way! They say it takes a village, but it’s more like an enormous city!”


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