03/10/2018- CWS

GBR CWS Selections – Sofia 2018

Erin Corcoran – Accepted
Bea Abram-Moore – Accepted
Ellen Robbins Wilkinson – Accepted
Elsie Llewelyn – Accepted
Bethany  Brierley – Accepted
Zara Liu – Accepted
Amy Westwell – Accepted
Charlotte Wilson-Smith – Accepted
Aneesah Khan – Accepted
Eleanor Blackledge – Accepted
Nicole Saunders – Accepted

Guinevere Kaye

Team 1
Erin Corcoran
Bea Abram- Moore
Ellen Robbins Wilkinson (Team Captain)
Elsie Llewelyn

Team 2
Bethany Brierley (Team Captain)
Zara Liu
Amy Westwell
Charlotte Wilson-Smith

Team 3
Aneesah Khan (Team Captain)
Eleanor Blackledge
Nicole Saunders

Jennifer Sancroft
Sam McLellan
Sierra Goldberg
Suzanne Vogt

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