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A great weekend saw the return of the Manchester Cadet International EFC Foil Competition and medal success for British Fencers.

In a field of 128 in the Cadet Men’s Foil, Callum Penman started the day as he meant to go on. He showed discipline and confidence going through the poules, dropping just 2 hits to sit at the top of the rankings going into the Direct Elimination stage.

Left to right: Scalora (ITA), Penman (GBR), Sosnov (GBR), De Cristofaro (ITA)


Callum had a bye in the 128 before meeting O’Hanluain (IRL) in the last 64. Callum went down 10-4 but then regrouped, slowly taking his time, and picking off O’Hanluain with phenomenal change of rhythm on his attacks, closing out the fight 15-11.

In the L32 Callum faced the first of 3 fellow GB fencers, Alastair Thompson. When GB fencers meet in international events, it is as a form of respect that coaches are not in anyone’s corner. The two fencers therefore had to fight by themselves. The match was hit-for-hit all the way, but Penman closed out the fight 15-13.

In the L16, Penman met Grela from Sweden. Callum showed his experience and dominance, luring his opponent into close quarters fencing and parry ripostes, finishing of the fight 15-8.

Once again showing the depth in the Men’s Foil squad, Penman met another Brit: Sebastian Beardmore-Esteban. They went hit-for-hit before Seb pulled away to lead 13-10. Callum stayed composed and showed his experience under pressure by gathering his thoughts and scoring 5 hits in a row to finish the fight 15-13.

In the Last 4 match, the one that some had predicted could be the possible final, Penman and David Sosnov met each other. Penman shot off to a dominating lead 12-4. Sosnov brought back hits fast, bringing the bout back to 13-10. Callum dug deep and finished the fight 15-12.

The final was against Scalora from Italy. Callum started the final with a series of attacks, parry ripostes and counter-ripostes to break into a 9-1 lead. The tempo of the match soon increased, and the Italian changed his tactics pulling back several hits, but it was too late. Callum showed his ability to stay calm and close out a fight, confidently finishing the match 15-9 to win Gold.

Penman (GBR) vs. Scalora (ITA) in the final


David Sosnov’s route to the Last 4 was straightforward and executed with efficiency. He gained 5 victories in his poule and comfortably won his first L64 fight against Pecnki (AUT) 15-9. He then beat Vaaben (DEN) 15-10 in the L32, Cupo (ITA) 14-4 in the L16 , Poggio (ITA) 15-9 in the L8. Succumbing to his fellow countryman Penman 15-12 in the L4, he secured a Bronze medal to continue his impressive start to the season.

The other notable result in the Men’s Foil was achieved by Sebastian Beardmore Esteban, who made the L8 before losing 15-13 to the eventual winner Penman.

A great way to start the international season for Men’s Foil, with 3 Brits making qualification standard for Euros and Worlds.

In the Women’s Foil, Issie Johnson recorded a significant result reaching the L8 where she lost to Saioni , the eventual Silver medallist, 15-11.

The future is bright for our GBR foilists.

Penman with coach Keith Cook


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