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It’s essential for athletes to familiarise themselves with their own cycles to understand how they’re affected throughout, as well as being confident to communicate any menstrual cycle-related issues to support staff and coaches. This awareness can guide adjustments in training when required.

Below is a series of opportunity for GBR/ADP athletes, coaches and  parents to increase their knowledge and understanding on female health and how it relates to athletic  performance.

Invites will be sent out early December.

Month Topic Duration Date Event Information
January Female Health, the Performance Athlete with  TAP’s Kirstie Unwin 1hr 12/01/2024

Session 1.

Target Group – For senior female fencers attending Major Competitions

It’s important for female athletes to understand exactly how their body works, to optimise performance.

1hr 12/01/2024

Session 2.

Target Group – For Coaches of Athletes attending Major Competitions cover the content from session 1


February Female Health and Performance (REDs and Body Image) with TAP’s Kirstie Unwin 1hr 09/02/2024

Session 3

Target Group – For ADP Female Athletes age range 15-20
Provides information on Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) and the health and performance consequences to athletes when they experience energy imbalance.

1hr 09/02/2024

Session 4

Target Group – For Coaches of Athletes aged 15-20 to cover the content from session 3


Further on-line content will become available after these events.

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