27/08/2019- SWE

Tallin 2019

Dates 1st-2nd November 2019 (as of August 27th)

Please check the FIE website for any changes

Competition invitation

1.  Susan Maria Sica – Accepted
2.  Kat Smith Taylor – Accepted
3.  Danielle Lawson – Accepted
4.  Bethan Plant – Accepted
5.  Lydia Stanier – Declined
6.  Hannah Nesbitt – Accepted
7.  Mary Cohen – Accepted
8.  Fiona Grant – Accepted
9.  Laura Sheffield – Declined
10. Victoria Hide – No response

Entry Confirmation https://fie.org/competition/2020/80/entry/pdf

Susan Maria Sica – Accepted
Kat Smith Taylor – Accepted
Danielle Lawson – Accepted
Bethan Plant – Accepted

Entry Confirmation https://fie.org/competition/2020/751/entry/pdf

How do I accept selection?

All GBR Senior FIE World Cup & Grand Prix Competition selections will be through your sport80 profile.  You will be sent an email inviting you to the event.  Once you have received the invitation please follow the instructions for accepting the invitation.

BF will not enter an athlete who does not follow the correct procedure.

By accepting selection an athlete is automatically bound by the GBR Policies which can be found here

Please note all coaches supporting GBR athletes at the event must have completed anti-doping training within the last three years, more information can be found here.

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