11/02/2021- GBR

GBR Selection Panel Update

In light of the changing travel restrictions, guidance from the government and UK Sport and uncertainty over the FIE/EFC international calendar BF is putting in place an interim structure to manage GBR international selection processes.


GBR Selections (FIE & EFC events)

In the current situation, taking into account the restrictions on travel, Government Guidance and UK Sport Guidance the decision to select any athletes to represent GBR at FIE & EFC international events will be taken in the first instance by the ADP GBR Selection panel (replacing the individual Weapon Selection Panels).

The ADP Selection Panel will include:

  • 3 Appointed ADP Coaches
  • Olympic TM (Senior & U23 selections)
  • Head of Pathways

with input from the ADP Physiotherapist and BF Chief Medical Officer.

The proposed selection will then be approved by the CEO, after review with an independent Board member.

When the restrictions on travel are lifted the situation will be reviewed.

(For more information on the current FIE World Cup and Grand Prix selection see here.)


European Zone Qualification Event

Following the last direct qualification event, selection for the European Zone Qualifying event will take place. Selections will be made according to the criteria published in the Board approved Zonal Selection Policy.

The European Zone Selection Panel will be formed of

  • ADP Coaches – Chris Galesloot, Jon Salfield, Ian Lichfield
  • Olympic TM – Johnny Davis
  • Head of Pathways – Steve Kemp

Also attending the panel meeting :

  • ADP Physiotherapist: Maria Goriup
  • BF Chief Medical Officer: Clare Halstead
  • Independent Board Observer: Janet Campbell


Olympic Nomination & Olympic Nomination Panel (ONP)

The ONP will be constituted in accordance with the policy published here: BF_2020UpdatedOlympicNominationandZonalSelectionPolicy-Approved 10.02.2021



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