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Georgina Usher: Ask Me (Almost!) anything

BF’s CEO Georgina Usher invites members to a friendly Ask Me Anything lunchtime session on Friday 27th November at 12pm.

Georgina Usher will be answering BF members’ questions in an online Zoom session. Places are limited so members are invited to register for the session and ask their questions here.


The event provides a chance for members to ask any question, with the focus on a fun and interactive session. Georgina will be answering as many questions as possible and attendees are invited to ask their question live during the session.

Georgina says, “This year has been very different as we’re all working and meeting online more. I’m looking forward to finding out what people want to know!”

The questions can be fencing or non-fencing related but any questions that are too personal in nature will not be answered. Any member who cannot attend can still use the form to pose a question, which will be answered if time permits. Questions asked ahead of the session, via the registration form, will be prioritised, with a further to chance to ask questions on the day if time permits.


When is the session?

Friday, November 27th at 12pm on Zoom

What if I can’t make it?

You can still ask a question via the form and it will be answered if there is time

Do you have to be a BF member?

Yes, it’s a members-only event

Will it be recorded?

No, we don’t record online community sessions

Can I ask about non-fencing subjects?

Yes, you can ask anything as long as it isn’t very personal

How do I join?

Complete the form here and you will receive an invitation to join the session via email. Places are limited.



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