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GB’s Maxwell Fifth but France dominate the podium 

The GLL Camden International Cadet sabre tournament took place over the weekend with the individual events at The Copper Box and the team events at the new Leon Paul Fencing Centre.

Men’s Individual Event

Impressive first round starts by Truro Fencing Club’s Joshua Maxwell and William Deary saw them top the rankings for the elimination rounds.  Both earned byes through the round of 128 before Maxwell beat Takazawa (JPN) 15-8 and Deary took out Hoshino (JPN) 15-8 in the round of 64.  For the round of 32, this European Fencing Confederation nominated event featured the repechage system meaning that the fencers could afford to lose one fight and still progress through the competition.  Any subsequent loss would mean elimination.  Deary beat Palumbo (ITA) 15-9 but then lost 15-8 to Patrice (FRA) placing him in the repechage.  It was a similar story for Maxwell who beat Sun (USA) 15-9 but then lost 15-11 to Ramunno (ITA).  Both fencers beat their next opponents – Maxwell defeated Hervy (FRA) 15-5 and Deary beat Palumbo (ITA) 15-9.  Deary narrowly lost his next fight 15-11 to Rosetti (ITA) giving him a final placing of thirteen.  Victories over Chauchoy (FRA) 15-14 and Bibi (FRA) 15-5 put Maxwell into the quarterfinal.  There he faced Ramunno (ITA) and it was a one-sided affair with the Italian winning 15-5.

In the semi final matches Dubarry (FRA), who had progressed to this stage of the event without losing an elimination fight, beat compatriot, Van Hoffelen 15-9.  Patrice (FRA), who came through the repechage having lost to Dubarry, went on to beat Ramunno (ITA) 15-8, to make the gold medal match.  So the final was contested between two French fencers who had already met earlier in the event.  There was nothing between them at the first break but Dubarry held a slender 8-7 lead.  Depsite a good start to the second period from Patrice – who took the lead 9-8 – Dubarry switched his tactics.  He began to draw his opponent’s attacks and then struck with measured parry ripostes.  The change of tactics proved decisive as Dubarry went on to take the gold medal 15-11.

Video links:

–       Men’s Semi Final 1

–       Men’s Semi Final 2

–       Men’s Final

GB placings:  Maxwell 5th, Deary 13th, Amsalem 18th, Watt 26th=, Saunders 28th, Woodburn 31st, Dacey 37th, Craze 44th, Jackson 45th, Bergne 46th, Howes 47th, Hamilton 49th, Edmundson 65th, Walwyn 69th, Lindley 70th, Mitchell-Gough 72nd, Vigar 74th, Hateley 82nd, Wilson 85th, Lindsay 88th, Gentz 92nd, Fotherby 93rd, Talbot 94th, Hilder 97th, Hunkin 102nd, Day 103rd=, Ren 103rd=, Hyde 105th, Robinson 109th, Morresi 110th, Edwards 112th, Rooney 114th, Redburn 115th, Florence 116th, Edwards 117th, Boote 118th, Shepherd 119th=, Holdsworth 119th= & Dines 119th=.

Women’s Individual Event

After a promising start from Laura Gladdish of MX Fencing Club, winning all of her first round matches, her hard work was undone by a 15-6 loss to team mate Kerry Plunkett in the first repechage match.  Her day ended with a 15-6 defeat to Emura (JPN) that left her placed 13th.  Plunkett also found herself in the repechage and despite some good fencing was also knocked out before the final – 15-12 to Goudoura (GRE).  Plunkett finished 12th with Caitlin Maxwell finishing 16th.

Two cracking semi final matches saw Queroli (FRA) defeat Goudoura (GRE) 15-10 and Emura (JPN) squeeze past Lucarini (ITA) 15-14.  Emura (JPN), who only just defeated Shreya Anil (GBR) 15-14 in the round of 32, came through the repechage after a 15-9 defeat to Noutcha (FRA).  Conversely, Queroli (FRA) made the gold medal match without losing a fight in the elimination stages.  This showed early on in the fight as the French fencer was able to squeeze out an 8-5 lead going into the break.  She pulled away further at the start of the second period and at 11-7 up it was Queroli’s to lose.  Emura composed herself and then put on an impressive display of controlled but aggressive fencing.  In the blink of an eye it was 12-12 and the two fencers then traded then next four hits to bring the score to 14-14.  The packed crowd were treated to a fitting finale to this magnificent event. As the tension grew on the piste the two fencers traded simultaneous hits.  Emura held her nerve to take the gold medal 15-14 with a stunningly well-timed attack.

GB placings:  Plunkett 12th, Gladdish 13th, Maxwell 16th, Chart 24th, Anil 29th, Turnbull 32nd, Corby 35th, Halliwell 40th, Ingoldsby 52nd, Potter 53rd, Sbampato 54th, Smith 63rd, Vidal 64th, Bray 67th, Foster 68th, Moffat 69th, Standish 70th, Nightingale 71st, Alba 73rd, Fashokun 74th, Stevens 75th, Hutton 76th, Pahnke 77th=, Wyatt 77th=, Rigby 79th, Black 80th & Adams 81st.

Video links:

–       Women’s Semi Final 1

–       Women’s Semi Final 2

–       Women’s Final

A full list of results from both the men’s individual and women’s individual events can be found here.

Team Events

The team events took place at the new Leon Paul Fencing Centre in North London.  The men’s team event was won by France B who beat France A in the gold medal match.  Great Britain A and France C tied for the bronze medal with both teams unable to fence off for the medal due to injuries.  The women’s event was won by France A who beat Japan into silver with Greece taking the bronze.

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