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WFFC, one of the largest fencing clubs in Scotland, is asking for your help to secure £22K of funding.  No donations are needed just a bit of your time to vote and a guaranteed spam free experience if you opt out of it.

Please do take the time to help.  I’ve explained a bit more below about the project and the process to vote.  Please ask your spouses/children/families/club/friends to help us out too.  It’s the six degrees of separation bit that could really swing the vote our way.

The Project Outline

WFFC club have been engaged in a project to purchase and convert a former primary school into a community centre as a permanent home for West Fife Fencing Club. 

The project has been nominated for a cash award of over £22,000, but the final decision is made by public vote & competition is fierce.  I’m writing to ask you to give just a few minutes of your time to register & vote as described below. (You can opt out of receiving any information or spam from the organisation involved.)

Thanks to a generous donor, should the club be successful in gaining this award, there are 3x £100 cash prizes up for grabs.  Simply follow the instructions below to vote for the WFFC Wellwood project and then send an email to [email protected] and you will then be entered into the draw.

How to vote:

Go to this webpage: https://foundation.onefamily.com/projects/wellwood-fencing-facility-community-centre/

Register by clicking on the register button top right of screen & following instructions. (You will need to verify your registration by email before voting.)

Select the project of your choice.  Please choose West Fife Fencing Club .

Click on the button to vote.

What next?

If you feel so inclined you could show this article to everyone in you know and ask them to vote as well.  

You could also go to this Facebook page and share the link about this project with your Facebook friends.

Many thanks. Your vote could make a huge difference to the lives of a lot of people. 

Lorraine Rose on behalf of the WFFC Trustees

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