21/08/2013- Latest News

Following the open competition for the new Presidential role, the Board of British Fencing is delighted to announce that Hilary Philbin has been appointed to the post.  She starts as President on September 1, 2013. 

The British Fencing Presidency is a new, voluntary post approved by the British Fencing membership at the General Meeting last May. It is an international role; Hilary will be British Fencing’s leading representative with the FIE and other international bodies.  The President attends British Fencing Board meetings as an observer.  This is a Board appointment, to be approved by the membership at the General Meeting this Autumn (date and venue to be announced).

Hilary Philbin commented; “I feel honoured to have been appointed to the role of British Fencing President.  Since my schooldays I have been heavily involved in fencing in so many different ways – as an international competitor, team manager, FIE referee, club coach, competition organiser and administrator at national and local level.  I have got so much out of fencing throughout my life, and the role of President will enable me to continue to give something back.  I recognise the importance of this newly-defined role, and I look forward to representing British Fencing in the international arena.”

On behalf of the Board, Chair, David Teasdale stated; “The Board believes that Hilary will be very effective in this Presidential role. She is already well known internationally, especially after her leadership in the organisation of the outstanding fencing programme in the London 2012 Olympic Games, and has a current FIE post on their Promotion Commission.  We wish her every success.”

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The responsibilities include:

–  to be an ambassador internationally for the sport and for British Fencing

–  to head BF delegations internationally, as appropriate

–  to advise the Board on international policy matters and on any international appointments

–  to support the Board and Chair of British Fencing – and operate wholly within BF strategy and policy as expressed by the Board or Chair

–  by agreement with the Chair, to represent British Fencing at formal occasions, international or domestic, such as official functions, events, competitions and presentations

–  to chair any meetings of the BF Vice-Presidents.

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