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The October 2022 edition of The Sword, British Fencing’s membership magazine which is usually available at the beginning of each quarter, has a revised publication date and will be available mid-October.

This month, the Sword publication has been delayed in order to include tributes from BF members to our late patron, HM Queen Elizabeth.

The edition will be released in mid-October and sent to all members, as well as published on the website.

In this edition:

  • Dusty Miller, BF Head of People and Culture walks us through BF’s new guide to GBR Performance Fencing “Call It Attitude”, with Senior Men’s Foilist Kristjan Archer telling us how that phrase applies to his fencing journey.
  • Top World-ranked Canadian Women’s Foilist, Eleanore Harvey talks us through her fencing life and ambitions and her mental health and hedgehogs!
  • Master’s List Referee Adrian Speakman talks of his Sporting Life.
  • BF Workforce Development Officer Lorraine Rose leads us along her own sporting journey with a focus on Women in Leadership and what she does first in the morning.
  • And we focus on the royal legacy left to fencing by Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and a long royal lineage.

Stay tuned for the edition in mid-October.


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