08/12/2023- Paris 2024


Janet Huggins has been selected by the International Fencing Federation (the FIE) as one of the three SEMI delegates for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The International Fencing Federation (the FIE) is responsible for appointing a number of technical officials to run the Fencing event at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Janet Huggins, member of the FIE SEMI Commission for 15 years, has been appointed as one of three SEMI* delegates to the Games.

Responsibilities of the SEMI delegate includes:

  • Ensuring that the equipment supplied by organisers and layout of the competition conforms to regulations
  • Overseeing checks on fencer’s personal equipment and clothing for safety and  conformity to regulation, marking of accepted equipment (Weapon Control)
  • Overseeing final checks on fencers clothing and equipment before direct elimination bouts (Call Room)

Janet’s international technical experience includes:

  • London 2012 Olympics – National Technical Officer (weapon control), for the Fencing event and the Fencing section of the Modern Pentathlon
  • London 2012 Paralympics – National Technical Officer (weapon control) for the Wheelchair Fencing at the Paralympics.
  • Rio 2016 Olympics – SEMI delegate for the main games in Rio.
  • Tokyo Paralympics – National Technical Officer (weapon control)
  • FIE SEMI Delegate for 4 Senior World Championships, 1 Veteran World Championship and 6 Junior and Cadet World Championships.

Speaking about her selection, Janet said, “I am very honoured that I have been selected as one of the three SEMI Delegates for the Olympics and  I am looking forward to again being part of the best sporting competition in the world.”

Hilary Philbin, BF President said, “Janet has once again been recognised for her world leading expertise and skills in this area. On behalf of BF and our members I’d like to congratulate Janet on this well-deserved appointment.”

(*SEMI stands for “Electronic Signalling Equipment and Installations”)


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