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IMPORTANT: Cadet and Junior National Championships entry limits

Entries will close when the entry limit is reached which may be ahead of the closing date of 6th September. Due to high demand, entry limits have been increased for the British Cadet & Junior Championships.

Please note that as a result of the high numbers the field of play requirements will be strictly adhered to:

During the Poules: With the exception of referees and competition officials, no-one other than the athletes are permitted in the field of play.  This means no parents, family, coaches and so on.

In addition, for safety reasons, athletes should not bring any fencing bags into the field of play.

For the Poules, athletes may bring up to 3 weapons, 2 body wires and a re-useable water bottle/small towel and allen key in a small bag if necessary. No top bags will be permitted.

For the Direct Elimination bouts, athletes may bring into the field of play, for the duration of the bout, their top bags or dual weapon bags. These should be removed once the bout is over.

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