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On 7th May British Fencing announced an interim suspension in relation to Fencing Clothing supplied by SWORD PRICE FIGHTERS FENCING. This interim suspension remains in force.



On Wednesday 21st September a recall notice was issued by this company in relation to jackets, plastrons and breeches sourced from a manufacturer in China and BF published a Notice prepared by Duellist on its website. British Fencing announce that an interim suspension of all “Duellist” brand CEN Level 1 fencing jackets, plastrons and breeches of Chinese manufacture is now in place. Duellist have provided pictures of the labelling on their clothing to assist customers in identifying whether any such items are of from the Chinese source. See below.

British Fencing wish to make it clear that this interim suspension does not apply to Duellist CEN Level 1 clothing manufactured in France, nor to the Duellist FIE range.

In considering the testing results that have resulted in this decision British Fencing has also had to consider the potential risks to fencers posed by certain items of clothing sold by other suppliers.

An interim suspension is also imposed immediately with regard to the following items sold by:-

ENLIGHTEN EUROPE LTD t/a Enlighten Escrime Equipment – Update 6th January 2012

On 26th September, 2011, British Fencing announced the suspension of the Enlighten CEN level 1 jacket from Enlighten Europe Ltd T/A Enlighten Escrime Equipment.
Enlighten Europe Ltd have advised British Fencing that they have subsequently issued a recall notice on all Enlighten CEN 350 Newton 3W-U-01 range white jackets, breeches and plastrons.   British Fencing therefore now wish to clarify that the earlier suspension relates to the 3W-U-01 range jacket only.
The 3W-U-01 range is identified as such on the inside label of the garment concerned; also, the sewn label on the outside of each garment displays ‘ENLIGHTEN ESCRIME EQUIPMENT HONG KONG’ on the left, orange on white, and ‘350 NW R.TISSU’, white on orange, in the centre.
British Fencing wish to make it clear that the suspension does not apply to the Enlighten 3W-U-03 range.  On this range the label sewn onto the outside of the garment displays ‘ENLIGHTEN ESCRIME EQUIPMENT WWW.GGG.COMK.HK’ on the left, orange on white, and ‘350 N RESIST.TISSU 2011 – Enhance version’ in white on orange in the centre.


AF Unisex Breeches 21027 CEN Level 1, (suspension imposed on breeches with elastic panel)

Absolute Fencing Gear have advised British Fencing that they have adjusted their current models by replacing the elastic panel with regular fabric.

British Fencing therefore now wish to make it clear that the earlier suspension relates to breeches with some elastic panels; the suspension does not apply to Absolute CEN level 1 breeches made entirely of standard (non-stretch) fabric panels.



Please note that these interim suspensions only apply to British Fencing run activities (eg. competitions; academy etc.).

British Fencing must leave it to clubs, coaches and fencers to take their own decisions about the use of any clothing, other than in British Fencing activities, and would expect this to form part of regular risk assessments.


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