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On 6th May 2011 British Fencing announced the suspension of Sword Price Fighters protective equipment (excluding masks, which were not suspended) after receiving information pertaining to their safety.
Sword Price Fighters have advised British Fencing that they have subsequently introduced a NEW range of clothing. This range is called their ‘Competition’ range.
Therefore, for the avoidance of any doubt, British Fencing wish to make it clear that the original suspension remains in force but the NEW ‘Competition’ range is not covered by this suspension.
This is in no way an endorsement of either the garments or of Sword Price Fighters by British Fencing, nor is it a statement suggesting the garments have met a specific safety standard.
The garments can be identified as followed:
The suspension relates only to garments identified by the sewn label on the outside of each as follows:

Jacket and breeches:Sword’ in white, ‘Price’ in black, ‘Fighters’ in white ‘.com’ and ‘CE350N’ in black, all on a red background.
Plastron:Sword’ in white, ‘Price’ in black, ‘Fighters” in white, ‘.com’ and ‘CE800N’ in black, all on a red background.
This suspension does not apply to the NEW Sword Price Fighters ‘Competition’ range of CE350N clothing:

On this range the label sewn onto the outside of the garments displays ‘Sword Fighters’ in black, ‘Competition’ in white, and ‘ENI 3567 Level 1 CE350N’ in
Nor does it apply to the new 800N plastron sold by Sword Price Fighters, the label sewn on the outside of which makes it clear it is manufactured by Blue Gauntlet

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