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Indoor Competitive Event Protocols (England, 17th May)

In advance of 17th May, BF issue draft Indoor Fencing Competitive Event Protocols for events taking place between 17th May and 21st June 2021. 

From 17th May, adult organised indoor fencing events can re-start.

The Indoor Fencing Competitive Event Protocol document lays out the measures that should be taken by event organisers, fencers, clubs, officials, volunteers, coaches, and spectators before, during and after all organised fencing competition activity in Step 3 of the Roadmap in England from  17th May.

BF is awaiting further clarification in respect to calculating capacity caps and will update the document once this information is received. Click the link below to read the document.


The summary table below illustrates some of the key requirements for BF licensed events in this period.

  Step 3 – 17th May
Spectators  Yes (at all times subject to venue restrictions and capacity).
Covid Officers Yes (min 1 per competition hall, max 1:64 ratio for any one hall).
Welfare Officers Yes (min 1 per event, max 1:32 ratio for unaccompanied U18 competitors).
Piste-Side Coaching (2m+ away at all times) Yes. Minute break/in-between bouts only. Subject to space.
Warm-up Lessons/Sparring Yes. Subject to space and social distancing between pairs. Individual warm-ups must respect social distancing.
Maximum No of Competitors Limited by capacity cap (every participant counts).
Permitted Formats All standard formats (if two individuals are likely to meet repeatedly and exceed the 40-hit competitive limit, this must be noted in the risk assessment and mitigating actions considered).
Face Coverings Required at all times when not fencing (unless exempt). 
Licensing & Membership Events must be licensed with BF and competitors must hold valid memberships to enter and on date of event.


A further version of the Indoor Fencing Competitive Event Protocol document will be published for competitions running in Step 4 (no earlier than 21st June).

At this stage, we require all event organisers who licence an event within this time period to send their event risk assessment to BF and arrange a short pre-event call with BF at least 10 days prior to the event. To arrange this, please contact [email protected]

Sample Event risk assessment can be found here.

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