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Information regarding FIE Approved GBR Logos (Fencing Kit), Name & Country Code (Jackets/Lames) & GBR Tracksuits

A) Individual Weapon Requirements

The GBR logo approved for use on fencing kit at major competitions by the FIE can be found here: http://static.fie.org/uploads/17/89218-Logos%20des%20tenues%20FN.pdf. Placement information can be found here – http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/gbrnationallogoplacement.pdf

The placement of the GBR logos on the jacket arm is designated as the convention by BF but not mandatory (ie you will not fail FIE weapon control at FIE competitions if you do not have them). However, members of the same teams are required by the FIE (in the competitions listed in Section B below) to have the same GBR logo application therefore the convention will be adopted as follows:


Foil fencers require 1 logos on each arm and each leg. (total 4)
Epee fencers require 1 logo on each leg and 1 logo on the back, non-sword arm. (total 3)
Sabre fencers require 1 logo on each leg. (total 2)


B) GBR National Colour Eligibility

British fencers must wear the FIE approved GBR logo at the following events (according to FIE rule t.45.4). Please note that fencers with the old GBR stripe do not have to remove them unless attending one of these events.

  • Senior World Cups
  • European Senior Championships
  • European Junior Championships
  • European Cadet Championships
  • World Senior Championships
  • World Junior Championships
  • World Cadet Championships
  • World Veteran Championships

British fencers have the option to wear the FIE Approved GBR logo if competing in the following events:

  • FIE Junior World Cups nominated for GB rankings
  • European Veteran Team Championships (subject to further information from BVF)

C) Name & Country Code on Fencing Jacket

British fencers must have their name & country code on their fencing jacket/lame at all the events listed above in Section B PLUS

  • Junior World Cups
  • FIE Satellite Competitions and any other FIE designated events.

British fencers have the option to have their name & country code on their fencing jacket/lame at the following events

  • EFC Cadet Events


D) Tracksuits, T-shirts and other branded kit.

Any fencer representing GB at any level of competition is welcome to purchase from the GBR range which can be found here:


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