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Please remember to send in a report of any significant injury sustained during fencing or a fencing-related activity such as a warm up session in a club.

Minor injuries eg. small bruises or cuts do not need to be reported unless they are the result of a ‘near miss’ ie a potentially more serious injury.

Your injury data helps to confirm that fencing is a safe sport overall, important for insurance purposes and for promoting the sport.   It can also contribute to safety improvements, as with the series of hand injuries from unbroken sabres, which prompted action by the FIE.   (see British Journal of Sports Medicine Harmer PA. Br J Sports Med 2015;49:1138-1143 )

There is an injury report form on the website but the same details can be supplied by email or letter if easier.

Your assistance with this task is much appreciated.

Injury Report Form

Dr Clare Halsted

Medical Officer British Fencing

January 2016

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