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Two British nominations as new zonal qualification process is implemented 

The European Fencing Confederation has announced new procedures for referees wishing to obtain a full international refereeing licence.  In order to qualify to take the FIE exams, referees must now obtain a zonal licence at least one year prior to being nominated.  Nominations for the FIE exams will now be made by the EFC. 

In order to obtain the new licence referees are obliged to attend a minimum of three cadet events in a season where their standard will be tested.  A special category “C” grading will be awarded to those who achieve an “exceptional” standard. 

This year the EFC have awarded forty-three licences including three to British referees – Christopher Lennon (foil) and Daniel Hazelwood (epee & foil).

Speaking about his achievements, Chris said; “I’m delighted to receive this C category refereeing award from the EFC.  I got into refereeing early in 2011-2012 but the first competition I can remember thinking I wanted to pursue refereeing regularly was the UK School Games 2012.  It was at this event I met the great group of people, many of which are still actively involved in refereeing or other parts of running fencing competitions and this sense of community really encouraged me to continue developing my skills.”

“Refereeing for me is a much about the challenge in getting calls right as it is about the entertainment of watching good fencing while having the best seat in the house.  It’s a fantastic way of giving back to the sport I love and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities provided by British Fencing to improve my skills.”  Daniel added; “I am pleased that my commitment to GBR refereeing and furthering my own personal referee career has been recognized by the EFC.  I look forward to fulfilling my FIE ambitions as soon as possible.”

British Fencing extends its congratulations to both Chris and Daniel for their achievements.  A special mention as well goes to Sarah Steacy – a supporter of British Fencing events for several years now – who has been confirmed as a C Category Referee by the Irish Federation.

Further information and a full list of this year’s qualified referees can be found here.

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