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International Results Round Up – Seoul Men’s Foil World Cup and Women’s Foil Grand Prix, Tianjin Women’s Sabre Grand Prix and Havana Women’s Epee Grand Prix

Hutchison and Rosowsky make the top 16

The 18-20 May 2012 was a weekend of Far East action for the Women’s Sabreurs and Men’s and Women’s Foilists on the international senior circuit with events taking place in China and Korea.

Men’s Foil World Cup – Seoul

The weekend’s action began in Seoul with the men’s foil World Cup.  An entry of 139 fencers started including ten from Great Britain.  All fencers progressed through the poules – Cook, Davis  and Halsted all V3D3, Jefferies V4D2, Kenber V5D1, Mepstead V6D0 and Peggs, Rosowsky and Tofalides all V2D4.  Kruse had a bye straight to the round of 64 courtesy of his world ranking.  All fencers automatically progressed to the 2nd preliminary knockout apart from Rosowsky and Peggs who beat Lalonde-Turbide (CAN and world number 43) 15-6 and Bernatsev (RUS) 15-10.  In the second preliminary knockout Meinhardt (USA) defeated Mepstead 15-10, Lefort (FRA) edged out Davis 15-14, KJung (KOR) beat Tofalides 15-10, Chamley-Watson (USA) knocked out Jefferies 15-6 Heo (KOR) beat Peggs 15-10 and Minuto (ITA) beat Halsted 15-13.  However Cook, Kenber and Rosowsky all joined Kruse in the round of 64 beating Kim H. (KOR) 15-7, Lee K-H. (KOR) 15-7 and Son (KOR) 15-10 respectively.  In the round of 64 Foconi (ITA) overcame Kenber 15-9 and Miyake (JPN) took out Kruse 15-13 and Ganeev (RUS) defeated Cook 15-11 whilst Rosowsky impressively took out world number 4 Choi (KOR) 15-11. In the round of 32 Rosowsky continued to impress beating Hinterseer (AUT) 15-8 but went out in the following round 15-11 to Cherimisinov (RUS).  The event was won by Cassara (ITA) who beat his compatriot Avola 15-9 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Heo (KOR) and Imboden (USA).

In the team event the GB team faced the world number 5 team Japan in the round of 16 and beat them 45-35.  Ukraine were next and they were dispatched 45-28.  In the semi-final Italy edged them out 45-40 and they just missed out on the bronze medal as Germany narrowly beat them 45-41.  The gold medal went to Italy who beat China 45-37.

GB individual placings:  Rosowsky 16th, Kruse 35th, Kenber 45th, Cook 48th, Jefferies 65th, Halsted 70th, Davis 72nd, Mepstead 76th, Tofalides 81st, Peggs 88th.

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Women’s Foil Grand Prix – Seoul

The women’s team joined the men in Korea for their Grand Prix event in Seoul.  A team of five British ladies joined a field of 76 and had a tough time in the first round – Bennett V2D4, Bentley V2D4, Emanuel V0D5, Sheppard V3D3 and Troiano V3D3.  Only Troiano and Sheppard survived the cut.  In the round of 64 Troiano put up a good fight against a top 16 fencer in Jeon (KOR) but lost 13-8.  Sheppard drew Golubiskyi (GER) and followed the strict tactical advice from her GB coach, Wojtkowiak, to beat her 3-2 in the priority minute.  Her next opponent was Gruchala (POL), the eventually winner.  Sheppard kept it close throughout but fell 10-5 on time.  Gruchala (POL) beat Nam (KOR) 7-6 in a tight final with the bronze medals going to Errigo (ITA) and Guyart (FRA).

GB Individual placings:  Sheppard 32nd, Troiano 50th, Bennett 60th, Bentley 63rd, Emanuel 74th.

Full Individual Results Here

Women’s Sabre Grand Prix – Tianjin

Six British fencers made the long journey to China to join a field of 79 at the Grand Prix in Tianjin.  A disappointing start from Roberts and Bilardi (both V1D5) saw them cut after the first round of poules but Hutchison (V5D1), Kempe (V3D3), Nicoll (V6D0) and Williams (V2D4) all made it through to the round of 64.  Only Hutchison survived that round with Kempe losing 15-8 to Yoon (KOR), Nicoll fell 15-9 to Shen (CHN) and Williams was knocked out 15-12 by Zhu (CHN).  Hutchison’s good day continued as she beat Komashchuk (UKR) 15-9 to progress to the round of 16.  There she faced Xia (CHN) and lost 15-9.  The event was won by Zagunis (USA) who beat Socha (POL) 15-12 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Kim (KOR) and Vougiouka (GRE).

GB Individual placings:  Hutchison 15th, Nicoll 38th, Kempe 52nd, Williams 61st, Bilardi 71st, Roberts 73rd

Full Individual Results Here

Women’s Epee Grand Prix – Havana

The women’s Epeeists headed off to Cuba for their Grand Prix event in Havana.  A team of just two British ladies joined a field of 85 and both fencers – Chang and C. Lawrence – came out of the poules V3D3.  It is notable that Chang beat two World top 50 ranked fencers (Moellhausen (ITA) and Besbes (TUN) in this round).  Both British fencers qualified directly into the round of 64 but Chang fell 15-8 to World number 10, Choi (KOR) and Lawrence was defeated 15-9 to World number 21, Shutova (RUS).

The event was won by Maroiu (ROU) who beat Sozanska (GER) 15-9 for the Gold medal.  The bronze medals were won by Fiamingo (ITA) and Heidemann (GER).

GB Individual placings:  Lawrence 51st, Chang 57th.  

Full Individual Results Here

There will be now be a short international World Cup or Grand Prix break.


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