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Medals Galore for Russia on the International Circuit

Another three major senior international events took place over the weekend in Budapest, Madrid and Leipzig.

Women’s Epee World Cup – Leipzig

The Women’s epee circuit continued with a World Cup in Leipzig this weekend with six British fencers joining a field of 181.  Bottoms (V1D5) and MacKinnon (V1D5) did not make the first round cut but Chang (V4D2), Cohen (V4D2), Lawrence (V2D4) and McGeever (V2D4) progressed to the two stage preliminary knockout stages.  There Chang lost 15-10 to Lutz (HUN), Cohen fell 15-8 to Schalm (CAN) and Lawrence was beaten 15-13 by Teran (MEX).  However McGeever went through by beating Antal (HUN) 15-11.  In the second knockout she was narrowly beaten 15-13 by Ivchenko (UKR).  The gold medal went to Zvereva (RUS) who beat Yin (CHN) 15-10 in the final.  The bronze medals were won by Embrich (EST) and Sun (CHN).

Great Britain did not enter the team event which was won by China who beat Hungary 25-22.  Romania took the bronze medal by beating Russia 45-37.

GB Individual Placings:  McGeever 94th, Lawrence 97th, Cohen 103rd, Chang 111th, MacKinnon 158th & Bottoms 159th.

Full Individual Results Here

Full Team Results Here

Women’s Foil World Cup – Budapest

Three British Women’s foilists headed to Hungary, joining a field of 124 in the World Cup event in Budapest.  Cook (V2D4), Sheppard (V3D3) and Troiano (V2D4) progressed to the preliminary knockout stages.  There Sheppard defeated Kawamura (JPN) 15-8, Troiano beat Elesina (RUS) 13-8 but Cook was knocked out 15-8 by Inanova (RUS). In the round of 64 both British fencers were knocked out – Sheppard went out 15-8 to Maitrejean (FRA) and Troiano lost 15-5 to the eventual winner Deriglazova (RUS).  In the final the Russian beat her teammate Korobeynikova 15-13.  Errigo (ITA) and Thibus (FRA) took the bronze medals.

In the team event the three Brits lost 43-21 to Germany in the round of 16.  In the placings matches they beat Japan 45-35 and then lost to UKR 36-29 to finish 10th.  The event was won by Italy who beat France 45-34 in the gold medal match. Germany beat Poland 30-24 to take the bronze medal.

GB Individual Placings:  Sheppard 58th, Troiano 60th & Cook 91st.

Full Individual Results Here

Full Team Results Here

Men’s Sabre World Cup – Madrid

The Men’s sabre circuit moved on to a World Cup in Madrid with six Brits joining a field of 162.  Anthony Crutchett (V1D5) did not make it through the first round but Alex Crutchett (V3D3), Clarke (V3D3), Gann (V2D4), Honeybone (V5D1) and Ward (V1D5) did.  In the first of two preliminary knockout rounds Honeybone had a bye, Clarke, Gann and Ward were knocked out by Laurence (FRA), Souders (USA) and Gordon (CAN) respectively but Alex Crutchett beat Serrahima (ESP) 15-7 to progress.  In the second knockout both British fencers beat their French opponents – Crutchett took out Lambolly 15-12 and Honeybone beat Laurence 15-10.   In the round of 64 Samele (ITA) knocked Crutchett out 15-7 and Scepi (ITA) beat Honeybone 15-11.  The event was won by Casares (ESP) who beat Reshetnikov (RUS) 15-9 in the gold medal match.  Limbach (GER) and Szilagyi (HUN) took the bronze medals.

In the team event the British team (Clarke, Crutchett, Crutchett and Honeybone) took out Singapore comfortably 45-32 in the incomplete round of 32.  They then lost 45-32 to Romania in the next round and in the placing matches they lost 45-37 to Canada, beat Japan 45-24 and Hong Kong 45-40 to finish 13th.  Hungary took the gold medal by beating China 45-31 and Romania beat Germany 45-38 to take the bronze medal.

GB Individual Placings:  Honeybone 45th, Alex Crutchett 57th, Clarke 104th, Gann 117th, Ward 132nd & Anthony Crutchett 140th.

Full Individual Results Here

Full Team Results Here

Next up on the international circuit we have a Men’s Epee World Cup in Heidenheim and a Men’s Sabre World Cup in Padua.


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