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Quarterfinal finishes for Alex Lloyd and Ben Peggs

Senior Women’s Epee – Stockholm Satellite

Six British fencers took part in this event amongst a field of sixty-seven.  Only five progressed through the two rounds of poules as Stella Lancey missed the cut for the elimination stages.  In the round of 64, Mary Cohen progressed by defeating teammate, Rebecca Mayle 15-6 and was joined in the round of 32 by Jessica Gundry who beat Costa (BRA) 15-11.  Lindsay Bottoms and Katrina Smith also went out in the round of 64, losing 15-11 to Fautsch (LUX) 15-11 and 15-10 to Sveliene (LTU), respectively.  Gundry fell in the round of 32, 15-4 to Kirpu (EST) but Cohen progressed beating Haarlem (SWE) 15-14.  Cohen’s day ended in the round of 16 as she fell 15-6 to Knapik-Miazga (POL).

Neli Paju (EST) won the event beating Emma Samuelsson (SWE) 15-11 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Renata Knapik-Miazga and Kristina Kuusjk (EST).

GB placings:  Cohen 16th, Gundry 29th, Smith 35th, Mayle 37th, Bottoms 43rd & Lancey 54th.

Full individual results here.

Senior Men’s Foil – London Satellite “Leon Paul International”

A field of one hundred and sixty fencers in London included thirty-four from Great Britain.  Fifteen of them failed to make the first round cut and only nine survived the round of 128.  In the round of 64, Kristjan Archer defeated Bachmann (GER) 15-10, Dominic De Almeida beat Chan (SIN) 15-14, Ben Peggs overcame Dahlin (DEN) 15-13 and Alex Tofalides went through beating Tarasiewicz (POL) 15-7 but Chen (CHN) knocked out Peter Barwell 15-9, Kubeca (LAT) went through 15-6 over Matthew Billing, Roger (FRA) beat Stephen Brown 15-8, Van Haaster (CAN) defeated Keith Cook 15-10 and Zurawski (POL) knocked out Alex Lloyd 15-8.  Only Peggs survived the round of 32 as he impressively beat Shi (CHN) 15-11.  Nemeth (HUN) just beat Archer 15-14, Kroeplin (GER) ended De Almeida’s day with a 15-8 victory and Filippi (ITA) saw off Tofalides 15-12.  Peggs went on to beat De Ruiter (NED) 15-10 before losing 15-11 to Gomez (MEX) in the quarterfinals.

Daniel Gomez (MEX) had to settle for a bronze medal along with Moritz Kroeplin (GER) as Peter Joppich (GER) secured the gold medal with a 15-14 victory over Alexander Choupenitch (CZE) in the final.

GB placings:  Peggs 7th, Tofalides 18th, K. Archer 28th, De Almeida 32nd, Brown 39th, Lloyd 42nd, Cook 43rd, Barwell 55th, Billing 64th, Abidogun 74th, Page 75th, Ostacchini 97th, Morris 103rd=, Mulcahy 110th, Bates 112th, C. Archer 115th=, Deamer 115th=, Standen 117th, Corlett 118th, Rai 126th, Woolley 127th, Kiss 128th, De Lange 131st, Nicholas 132nd, Mollard 134th, Lozovik 135th, Jolley 138th, Grosvenor 141st, Williams 144th, Bird 152nd, Kuznetsov 153rd=, St John 153rd=, Exeter 153rd & Gillman 156th.

Full individual results here.

Under-23 Men’s Epee – Berlin

Three British fencers formed part of the massive field of two hundred and forty-four in Germany at the weekend.  Elliot Grover (V4D2), Matt Henderson (V5D1) and Farhad Riahi (V4D2) all made the first round cut with Henderson earning a bye through the incomplete round of 256.  Neither Grover nor Riahi could join him in the 128 as they lost 15-14 to Zillekens (GER) and 15-11 to Schwarz (GER), respectively.  British interest in the event ended in the round of 128 as Henderson lost 15-12 to Giannotte (LUX).

Niklas Multerer (GER) went on to win a tight final, 15-14, over Richard Pokorny (CZE) as Anatoliy Herey (UKR) and Frederik Von Der Osten (DEN) picked up the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Henderson 71st, Grover 131st= & Riahi 136th.

Full individual results here.

Junior Men’s Foil – London “Eden Cup”

Twenty British fencers took part in a field of one hundred and twenty-four in London at the weekend.  Nine of them made the round of 64 where Jai Birch defeated teammate Alan Lozovik 15-12, Harry Bird beat Hamlescher (GER) 15-7, Alex Lloyd knocked out Marino (GER) 15-13 and Kamal Minott progressed with a 15-7 victory over Christen (GER) but Blumentals (LAT) beat Stephen Brown 15-10, Dal Santo (ITA) overcame De Almeida 15-6, Valtriani (ITA) overwhelmed Pallier 15-3 and Sebbar (FRA) saw off Rai 15-13.  Only Lloyd progressed through the round of 32 beating Teteris (LAT) 15-10 as Elice (FRA) beat Birch 14-9, Sido (FRA) defeated Bird 15-5 and Velluti Franzi (ITA) ended Minott’s day, beating him 15-8.  Lloyd went on to beat Loisel (FRA) 15-12 before losing to eventual bronze medallist, Meddy Elice (FRA) 15-10.

Francesco Ingargiola (ITA) made it a hat trick of victories at the Eden Cup by beating Pietro Velluti Franzi (ITA) 15-7 in the gold medal match as Daniel Giacon (NED) joined Elice on the bronze medal step of the podium.

GB placings:   Lloyd 8th, Minott 23rd, Bird 25th, Birch 26th, Brown 42nd, Rai 48th, Pallier 60th, De Almeida 62nd, Lozovik 63rd, Bates 69th, Archer 73rd, Kiss 75th, Page 90th=, Finch 94th, De Lange 95th, Jolley 99th, Ridsdale 104th, Monnet 114th, Abrahams 115th & Nicholas 116th=.

Full individual results here.

Junior Women’s Foil – Modling

Kate Beardmore was Britain’s sole representative in Austria at the weekend in a field of eighty-four.  She progressed through the first round winning two of her six fights and went on to beat Rentier (NED) 13-12 in the round of 64 before losing 15-9 to Butruille (FRA) in the round of 32.

Serena Rossini (ITA) beat Elisabetta Bianchin (ITA) 15-14 in the final with Rozene Castanie (FRA) and Erica Cipressa (ITA) taking home the bronze medals.

GB placing:  Beardmore 32nd.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Men’s Epee – Krakow

Four British fencers lined up in a field of two hundred and three in Poland at the weekend.  Jack Bell (V2D3), Matt Dickinson (V4D2) and Tarriq Roach (V4D2) all made the first round cut but David Farmanfarmian (V0D6) did not.  Dickinson and Roach earned byes through the incomplete round of 256 but could not be joined in the next round by Bell, who lost 15-7 to Ciucci (ITA).  In the following round Roach beat Batura (BLR) 15-7 but Siudak (POL) knocked out Dickinson 15-11.  Birkenmaier ended Roach’s day in the round of 64 with a 15-4 victory.

Jake Jurka (CZE) won the event beating Marco Birkenmaier (GER) 15-10 in the final with the bronze medals going to Arthur Philippe (FRA) and Ondrej Strnad (CZE).

GB placings:  Roach 48th, Dickinson 85th, Bell 135th and Farmanfarmaian 196th.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Womens’ Epee – Krakow

Great Britain’s sole representative in the women’s event in Poland was Ariana Farmanfarmaian who was part of the field of one hundred and fifty-eight.  Winning just one of her six first round matches meant that she did not make the cut for the elimination stages.

Aliya Bayram (FRA) went on to win the event beating Lola Lucani (FRA) 15-7 in the gold medal match.  Kathryn Chorniy (UKR) and Anna Coufalova (CZE) were the bronze medallists.

GB placing:  Farmanfarmaian 139th=.

Full individual results here.

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