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Round up of the weekend’s senior, junior and cadet internationals

Senior Women’s Epee – Barcelona World Cup

There were four British fencers competing at this event in Spain in an individual field of two hundred and thirty-nine.  Mary Cohen and Katrina Smith both won two of the their six first round fights and progressed to the three-stage preliminary knockout.  Stella Lancey (V0D6) and Jessica Osbaldeston (V1D4) did not make the first round cut.  British interest ended in the first preliminary knockout out as Pantelyeyeva (UKR) beat Cohen 15-7 and Haarlem (SWE) eliminated Smith 15-6.  Mara Navarria (ITA) edged a tight final 13-12 to take the title from Lauren Rembi (FRA) whilst Ana Maria Popescu (ROU) and Lyubov Shutova (RUS) picked up the bronze medals.

Great Britain were one of twenty-six teams competing on Sunday and lost in the round of 32, 45-29 to Sweden.  Estonia won the event, beating Russia 26-22 in the final whilst Korea beat China 23-22 to take the bronze medal. 

GB placings:  Cohen 182nd, Smith 192nd, Osbaldeston 195th & Lancey 218th.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Junior Men’s Sabre – Phoenix

Awen Saunders was Great Britain’s sole representative at this event in the USA.  In a field of seventy, he won just one first round match, which was not enough to make the cut.  Karol Metryka (USA) took the title, winning the gold medal match 15-7 against Eugenio Castello (ITA).  Konstantin Lokhanov (RUS) and Daniel Solomon (USA) won the bronze medals.

The seven teams competing on Sunday did not include one from Great Britain.  Italy beat Russia 45-38 to take the gold medal and the USA beat Egypt 45-37 to pick up the bronze medal.

GB placing:  Saunders 59th.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Junior Women’s Sabre – Dourdan

Five British fencers were amongst a field of one hundred and eighteen at this event in France at the weekend.  Maria Chart (V2D4), Jessica Corby (V4D2) and Caitlin Maxwell (V2D4) all did enough to progress to the direct elimination stage but Kate Daykin (V1D5) and Sarah-Jane Hampson (V1D5) missed the cut.  In the round of 128, Corby knocked out teammate, Maxwell, 15-14, to progress but Chart lost 15-8 to Laurent (FRA).   Corby then fell 15-9 to Massou (FRA) in the round of 64.  Michela Battiston (ITA) went on to win the event, beating Margaux Rifkiss (FRA) 15-14 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Rebecca Gargano (ITA) and Petra Zahonyi (HUN).

Corby, Chart, Hampson and Maxwell, lined up for Great Britain in the team event on Sunday amongst a field of thirteen.  The lost 45-49 to Japan in the round of 16 and in the placings matches, after a bye, they beat Turkey, 45-42, before losing 45-41 to Poland, thus finishing tenth.  Russia beat France 45-41 to take the gold as Italy beat Mexico 45-43 to take the bronze.

GB placings:  Corby 49th, Chart 84th, Maxwell 87th, Daykin 99th & Hampson 105=.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Cadet Men’s Epee – Bratislava

Fifteen British fencers took part in the men’s individual event in Slovakia on Sunday in a huge field of two hundred and seventy-eight.  Noah Cook, Fergus McKendry, James Wake and Joshua Willcox did not make the first round cut and were followed out in the elimination round of 256 by Benjamin Andrews, Antoine Belot, Matthew Dickinson, Will East, Connot Head and Domini Paul.  In the round of 128, Robert MacLennan defeated Sarvari (HUN) 15-14, George Morris beat Kochkin (RUS) 15-9 and James Russell overcame Szajthauer (POL) 15-13 but Michalak (POL) saw off Tarriq Roach 15-9 and Majnik (HUN) beat Billy Shepherd by the same score.  British interest in the event ended in the round of 64 as Preziosi (ITA) beat MacLennan 15-8, Jurka (CZE) defeated Morris 15-4 and Russell lost 15-14 to Cammarota (ITA).  David Nagy (HUN) won the events beating Wojciech Kolanczyk (POL) 15-9 in the gold medal match.  The bronze medals went to Mate Koch (HUN) and Sean Wilson (USA).

GB placings:  Morris 35th=, Russell 62nd, MacLennan 63rd, Roach 88th, Shepherd 123rd, East 130th=, Paul 151st, Dickinson 155th, Head 168th, Andrews 185th=, Belot 196th=, McKendry 222nd, Willcox 223rd, Cook 242nd= & Wake 262nd=.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Women’s Epee – Bratislava

Fifteen British fencers took part in the women’s individual event in Slovakia on Saturday in a massive field of two hundred and fifty-six.  Taylor Ashby, Rose Grimshaw, Caitlin Philbin, Rebecca Knowles, Abigail Watkins, Larissa De Liedekerke, Catherina Bishop and Avery Louis did not survive the first round cut.  Elena Palano, Eliza Woodhouse, Alex Powell and Jacqueline Oien fell in the round of 256 and were followed out by Charlotte Summers and Douce De Boisgelin in the round of 128.  Laura Sheffield made the round of 64 but she lost to eventual silver medallist Manana Saumova (RUS) 15-14.

It was Alessandra Bozza (ITA) who won the title, beating Saumova 15-8 in the final.  Cindy Gao (CAN) and Lola Lucani (FRA) were the bronze medallists.

GB placings:  Sheffield 45th, Summers 93rd, De Boisgelin 106th=, Woodhouse 157th=, Palano 163rd=, Oien 171st, Powell 185th, De Liedekerke 192nd, Knowles 204th, Bishop 205th, Louis 207th, Philbin 214th, Ashby 220th=, Grimshaw 237th & Watkins 247th.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Women’s Foil – Poznan

There were five British fencers in a field of one hundred and thirty in Poland on Saturday.  Emily Beardmore, Ela Kucharska and Sophie Peake did not make it through the first round but Mirren Black won four of her six matches to progress.  In the round of 128 she beat Robin (FRA) 15-13 before losing 15-4 to Draghici (ROU) in the round of 64.

Marta Mech (POL) beat here teammate Renata Tomczak 15-10 in the final as Oleksandra Budenko (UKR) and Eva Lachery (FRA) settled for the bronze medals.

GB placing:  Black 46th, Peake 100th, Beardmore 106th & Kucharska 123rd.

Full individual results here.

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