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Andrews and Roach make sixteen in Copenhagen

Senior Epee – Doha Grand Prix

Just Thomas Edwards took part in this event for Great Britain, amongst a field of one hundred and seventy.  He won three of his six first round fights which meant he qualified for the preliminary knockout stage.  He went on to lose 15-7 to Szenyi (HUN) to finish 110th.  Kweon Youngjun (KOR) won the event, beating Alexandre Bardenet (FRA) in the final as Jean-Michel Lucenay (FRA) and Nikolai Novosjolov (EST) picked up the bronze medals.

Sarra Besbes of Tunisia won the women’s event from Violetta Kolobova (RUS) and Ewa Nelip (POL) and Xu nuo (CHN).

Full men’s results here.

Full women’s results here.

Junior Sabre – Dormagen World Cup

The field of one hundred and fifty-three at this event included nine fencers from Great Britain.  Will Deary came away with the best result finishing in tenth place.  He won five of his six first round matches and went on to beat Zea (MEX) 15-8, Hegedus (HUN) 15-5 and Kirpichou (BLR) 15-8 to make the round of 16.  He then came up against Doddo (USA) and lost 15-10.  Andrew Doddo went on to get a bronze medal along with Jean-Philippe Patrice (FRA) as Konstantin Lokhanov (RUS) took the title by beating Maxime Pianfetti (FRA) in the final.

George Suddards, Joshua Maxwell and James Edwards all made the 64; Jamie Craze, Ethan Ren, Noah Mattricianni and Nicholas Howes made the 128 but Simon Dacey did not make the first round cut.

Full men’s individual results here.

Seven British fencers lined up for the women’s event amongst a field of one hundred and twenty-three.  Maia Fashokun withdrew ahead of the event.  It was tough going for the British contingent as Caitlin Maxwell, Jessica Corby and Laura Gladdish progressed the furtherest, to the 64.  Shreya Anil made the 128 but Alexandra Davis, Daisy Hutton and Maria Chart did not make it through the poule stage.

It was an all-Russian podium as Olga Nikitina won the title from Evgenia Podpaskova, Sofia Pozdniakova and Svetlana Sheveleva.

Full women’s individual results here.

Great Britain fielded a team of Edwards, Deary, Maxwell, Chart, Maxwell and Corby for the mixed team event.  A bye through the incomplete round of 16 was followed by a 40-34 victory over Belarus.  Germany beat them 40-32 in the semi-finals but they clinched the bronze medal by beating Romania 40-35 in the play-off.

Mixed team results here.

Cadet Epee – Copenhagen

There were sixteen British fencers entered into the men’s event in Copenhagen at the weekend, forming part of the one hundred and sixty-five person field.  Benjamin Andrews and Tarriq Roach achieved the best results by making the top 16.  Andrews won five of his six first round fights whilst Roach won three from six.  Andrews had a bye through the round of 256 and went on to beat Zentko (SVK) 15-7, Kritikos (GRE) 15-11 and Leone (ITA) 15-13 before losing 15-12 to Pianfetti (FRA).  Meanwhile, Roach also had a bye through the incomplete 256, going on to beat Dandanell (DEN) 15-10, Grandidier (FRA) 15-11 and Berkdold (AUT) 15-8 before losing 15-12 to Maisto Amodio (ITA).

Dominic Paul made the round of 64; Billy Shepherd, Dylan Morrison, Murray Begley-Jones,

Joshua Willcox, Alexander Papadopoulos, Toby May, Jack Bell, Myles Ashforth, Nathan Foster, Jacob Foulsham and Ethan Kew made the 128.  James Wake and Patrick Carey did not make the first round cut.

Titouan Chotin (FRA) beat Matteo Maisto Amodio (ITA) to secure the title as Sacha Pianfetti (FRA) and Leonardas Kalininas (LTU) settled for the bronze medals.

In the team event, GBR1 (Papadopolous, Morrison, Wake & Foulsham) finished fourteenth, GBR2 (May, Foster & Kew) finished sixteenth, GBR3 (Willcox, Shepherd, Paul & Bell) finished seventeenth and GBR4 (Ashforth, Begley-Jones & Carey) finished twentieth.  Russia won the title, beating Italy 1 in the final.  Italy 2 beat Greece for the bronze medal.

Full individual results here.

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Sixteen British fencers took part in the women’s event in Denmark at the weekend in a field of one hundred and twenty-two.  Alexandra Powell came away with the best result – a top 32 finish.  Four victories from six first round matches was enough to see her make the round of 128 elimination stages.  She went on to beat Matskevits (EST) 15-5 and Shichkina (RUS) 15-12 before losing 15-8 to Barbieri (ITA).  Laura Sheffield, Jasmine Heaps, Avery Louis, Charlotte Summers, Maia Henderson-Roe and Sarah Spice made the round of 64; Jacqueline Oien, Elena Palano and Rachel Barnes made the round of 128 but Louise Sadler, Alex Stewart, Taylor Foxwell Moss, Messina Herrling and Rachel Lever did not progress beyond the poule stages.

Aizanat Murtazaeva (RUS) beat teammate Ella Minnullina to take the title as Karoliine Loit (EST) and Emilia Rossatti (ITA) secured the bronze medals.

In the team event, GBR1 (Sheffield, Powell & Louis) finished in fifth place, GBR2 (Summer, Oien & Foxwell Moss) were twelfth, GBR 3 (Palano, Stewart & Spice) were fourteenth and GBR4 (Lever, Barnes & Sadler) were twentieth.  Russia won the event, beating Switzerland in the final as Estonia took out Romania for the bronze medal.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

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