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Potter Claims Bucharest Quarterfinal Place

Cadet Women’s Sabre – Bucharest

Sophia Potter claimed Britain’s best result In Bucharest at the weekend where she finished eighth from a field of eighty-two.  Qualifying for the elimination stages was accomplished with five first round victories from six fights.  She went on to beat Moolchandaney (CHI) 15-12, V. Bugaecschi (MDA) 15-10 and Bliznakova (BLR) 15-9 before losing 15-10 to N. Bugaevski (MDA) in the round of eight.  Ellen Robbins Wilkinson managed to get through to the round of 32.  Olena Pysarenko (UKR) won the tournament, beating Sabina Martis (ROU) in the final as Natalia Bugaevski (MDA) and Ariane Lebel (SUI) shared the bronze medals.

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Cadet Men’s Sabre – Bucharest

Archie Watt achieved the best British result in the men’s event.  He also won five of his six first round matches which was enough to earn him a bye through the round of 128.  He then beat Duval (USA) 15-4 and Kurvers (BEL) 15-10 before losing 15-6 to Aniculoesei (ROU), finishing in fourteenth place.  Matei Aniculoesei went on to win the event, beating Arne De Ridder (BEL) in the final.  Ibrahim Acar (TUR) and Razvan Stanescu (ROU) were the bronze medallists.

In a field of one hundred and twenty-two, Oliver Edwardes made the round of 64 as Harry Parr and Artem Khovanov were eliminated in the round of 128.

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Senior Men’s Epee – Heidenheim World Cup

Three British fencers were amongst the huge field of three hundred and eight in Germany at the weekend.  Greg Allen (V1D5) and Paul Sanchez-Lethem (V1D5) did not survive the poule stage but Philip Marsh recorded four victories from six fights to progress to the preliminary qualifying rounds.  In the first of three qualifying matches he beat Kavvadias (GRE) 15-8 but then lost 14-13 to Von Der Osten (DEN).  Park Kyoundoo (KOR) won the event by beating Yannick Borel (FRA) in the final as Koki Kano (JPN) and Mate Koch (HUN) picked up the bronze medals.

The thirty-four entries into the team event did not include one from Great Britain.  Italy won the title, beating France in the final as Ukraine beat China to the bronze medal.

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Senior Women’s Sabre – New York World Cup

Eight British fencers lined up in a field of one hundred and forty-one in the USA at the weekend.  Caitlin Maxwell (V2D4), Maria Chart (V1D5), Alexandra Davis (V1D5), Jessica Corby (V1D5) and Letitia Steer (V0D6) did not make the first round cut but Kerry Plunkett (V3D3) Aliya Itzkozwitz (V2D4) and Katherine Kempe (V3D3) did.  Kempe and Plunkett received byes through the first of two preliminary knockout fights and were joined in the second by Itzkowitz who beat Kim Seonhee (KOR) 15-8.  Itzkowitz went on to beat Taillandier (FRA) 15-14 and Plunkett beat Wong (USA) 15-8 to make the round of 64 on the second day of the tournament.  Kempe lost 15-8 to Benitez Romero (VEN) though.  In the round of 64 Kim Jiyeon (KOR) took out Itzkowitz 15-10 and Seon Jiyeon (KOR) defeated Plunkett 15-5.

Kim Jiyeon went on to claim the silver medal, losing to Cecilia Berder (FRA) in the final.  The bronze medals went to Italians, Martina Criscio and Irene Vecchi.

Great Britain (Chart, Corby, Maxwell & Itzkowitz) lined up in a field of fifteen for the team event.  They lost 45-31 to Ukraine in the round of 16 before losing 45-31 to Poland and then beating Canada 45-35 and Hong Kong 45-42 to finish thirteenth.  France claimed the gold medal by beating Korea in the final.  Russia beat Hungary 45-36 to claim the bronze medal.

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Junior Men’s Foil – Aix-en-Provence

Nine British fencers were involved in this event in France at the weekend and formed part of the one hundred and eighty-eight strong field.  Kamal Minott got Britain’s best result by making the round of 64.  He claimed three victories from six first round fights and went on to beat Velluti Franzi (ITA) 15-12 in the round of 128 before losing 15-12 to Ito (JPN).  Sebastian Pallier, Harry Bird, Daniel Kiss, Edmund Howlett and Isaac Jolley all made the round of 128 but Dominic De Almeida, Samuel Finch and Ciaran Archer were unable to progress through the poule stages.

Iskander Akhmetov (RUS) became champion beating Nick Itkin (USA) in the final.  Takuma Ito (JPN) and Grigory Semenyuk (RUS) were the bronze medallists.

There were nineteen entries to the team event including one from Great Britain (Bird, De Almeida & Minott).  A bye proceeded their 45-26 loss to Germany in the round of 16.  They then beat the Netherlands 44-43, lost 45-44 to Spain before beating Belgium 45-41 to finish eleventh.  Japan beat the USA to take the gold medal as Russia beat Italy to the bronze medal.

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Junior Women’s Foil – Modling

Seven British fencers were amongst the field of one hundred and thirty-six in Austria at the weekend and it was Isabella Gill who got the best results by finishing in the top 64.  She won four of her six first round matches and went on to beat Hernandez (VEN) 15-10 before losing 15-6 to Memoli (ITA).  Kate Beardmore, Yasmin Campbell and Katrina Feklistova made the round of 128 but Charlotte Fairman, Phoebe Newton-Hughes and Amber Moss did not survive the first round.  Bella Kuaeva (RUS) won the title beating Komaki Kikuchi (JPN) in the final.  Adelya Abdrakmanova (RUS) and Elyssa Kleiner (USA) were the bronze medallists.

The fifteen entries to the team event included one from Great Britain (Beardmore, Campbell & Gill).  They lost to Germany 45-16 in the round of 16, had a bye through their first placing match and then beat Denmark 45-20 and Brazil 45-32 to finish ninth.  USA won the event by beating Hungary in the final as Japan took out Germany for the bronze medal.

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