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Deary finishes seventh at Dourdan Junior Sabre

Junior Men’s Sabre – Dourdan World Cup

Four British fencers were amongst the field of one hundred and forty-seven in Dourdan at the weekend where Will Deary made the quarterfinals.  He won five of his six first round matches to qualify for the knockout stages.  He went on to beat Mestres (ESP) 15-5, Shirshov (RUS) 15-13, Szlama (HUN) 15-8 and Lokhanov (RUS) 15-10 before losing his quarterfinal match 15-14 to Benjamin Natanzon (USA).  The American went on to claim the bronze medal – a position he shared with Lorenz Kempf (GER).  Vladislav Pozbnyakov (RUS) won the competition by beating Fares Ferjani (TUN) in the final.  James Edwards made the round of 64 whilst Joshua Maxwell and George Suddards were eliminated in the 128.

In the team event, Great Britain lost 45-42 to France in the round of 16 before beating Belgium 45-25 and Hungary 45-40 to claim ninth place.  Russia beat Italy to the gold medal whilst Germany overcame Japan for the bronze.

Full individual results.

Full team results.

Senior Men’s Foil – Bonn World Cup

Nine British fencers took part in this event in Germany at the weekend as Richard Kruse and Marcus Mepstead claimed the best results – both reaching the top 64.  Kruse, by virtue of his World ranking, had a bye straight through to the round of 64 but lost his first fight 15-11 to Thomas Berg (DEN).  Mepstead had to fight in the preliminary stages, where he won five of his six first round matches and then beat Sanchez (VEN) 15-6 and Borst (NED) 13-12 to make day two of the event.  He then lost his round of 64 fight 15-11 to Lee (KOR).  Peter Joppich (GER) took the gold medal on home turf, beating Enzo Lefort (FRA) in the final.  The bronze medals went to Race Imboden (USA) and Timur Safin (RUS).

None of the remaining British fencers made day two of the event.  Kamal Minott made the third preliminary knockout match; Ben Peggs, Rajan Rai and Jai Birch made the second but Harry Bird, David Standen and Alex Lloyd were eliminated at the poule stage.

Bird, Mepstead, Minott and Peggs lined up for Great Britain in the team event in a field of twenty-two countries.  They had a bye through the round of 32 before losing 41-40 to Brazil.  They went on to beat Austria 45-43 and Ukraine 45-35 before losing 45-25 to Japan to finish tenth.  France won the team event beating Italy in the final.  Russia were handed the bronze medal by default as the USA had to withdraw with a double injury.

Full individual results.

Full team results.

Junior Women’s Sabre – Segovia

Three British fencers took part in this event at the weekend amongst a field of one hundred and five.  Jessica Corby achieved the best result by making the round of 32.  Three victories from six fights in the first round was enough to gain qualification for the knockout stages.  She went on to beat Inanobe (JPN) 15-11 and Lebel (SUI) 15-5 before going out 15-6 to Ilieva (BUL).  Olga Nikitina (RUS) beat her teammate Svetlana Sheveleva to the gold medal as Juietta Toledo (MEX) and Petra Zahonyi (HUN) shared the bronze.  Both Caitlin Maxwell and Maria Chart made the round of 64.

The ten countries in the team event included Great Britain but they lost their first match 45-39 to France before beating Spain by the same score to finish ninth.  Russia beat Hungary for the gold medal as the USA took out Japan for the bronze.

Full individual results.

Full team results.

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