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Bronze for Deary in Plovdiv

Senior Women’s Epee – Nanjing World Cup

Three British fencers lined up in a field of one hundred and ninety-one in China at the weekend.  Mary Cohen (V0D6), Jessica Gundry (V1D5) and Jessica Osbaldeston (V0D6) did not progress past the poule stages.

Ana Maria Popescu (ROU) won the event beating Sarra Besbes (TUN) 15-10 in the gold medal match as Irina Embrich (EST) and Shin A. Lam (KOR) picked up the bronze medals.

Great Britain did not compete in the team event but there were twenty-five entries.  Russia beat Korea 34-30 to take the gold as the USA beat China 36-32 for the bronze medal.

GB individual placings:  Gundry 165th, Osbaldeston 182nd & Cohen 185th.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Senior Men’s Epee – Tallin World Cup

Seven British fencers were amongst the enormous field of two hundred and seventy-four in Estonia at the weekend.  Only Philip Marsh (V3D3) was able to progress past the first round as Greg Allen (V0D6), Thomas Edwards (V0D6), Christopher Hay (V2D4), Matt Henderson (V1D4), Christopher Rocks (V2D4) and Paul Sanchez-Lethem (V1D5) all missed the cut.  Marsh went on to make the round of 64, beating Jahimovics (LAT) 15-7, Stankevych (UKR) 15-7 and F. Limardo (VEN) 13-12.  On the second day he faced the number four seed, Daniel Jerent (FRA) and just missed out on the 32, losing 15-14.

Kazuyasu Minobe (JPN) beat his teammate Satoru Uyama 15-8 in the gold medal match with Enrico Garozzo (ITA) and Gauthier Grumier (FRA) taking the bronze medals.

The twenty-seven teams competing on Sunday did not include Great Britain.  France beat Italy 45-40 to take the gold medal as Switzerland beat Ukraine 45-41 to take the bronze.

GB placings:  Marsh 62nd, Hay 218th, Rocks 223rd, Henderson 229th, Sanchez-Lethem 244th, Allen 264th= and Edwards 264th=.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Senior Men’s Foil – Ankara Satellite

Hussain Sadiq was due to be involved in this event but abandoned before the start.  Martino Minuto (ITA) beat Tevfik Burak Babaoglu (TUR) 15-9 in the final with Alberto Castigloni (ITA) and Engin Batuhan Menkuer (TUR) taking the bronze medals.

Full individual results here.

Senior Women’s Foil – Ankara Satellite

The forty-eight fencers competing in this event included three from Great Britain.  Rachel Kwok (V2D4) and Philippa Mullins (V5D1) progressed through the first round but Beatrice Taylor (V1D5) did not.  Mullins had a bye through the round of 64 as Kwok lost 15-10 to Purnamawati (INA).  Mullins lost 15-10 to Cellerova (SVK) in the round of 32.  Eleanor Harvey (CAN) won the event beating Malina Calugareanu (ROU) 10-0 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Isis Gimenez (VEN) and Mono Shaito (LIB).

GB placings:  Mullins 17th, Kwok 36th & Taylor 42nd.

Full individual results here.

Junior Men’s Sabre – Plovdiv

A field of one hundred and forty-five fencers took part in this event including nine from Great Britain.  George Burton (V2D4), Simon Dacey (V2D4), Will Deary (V5D1), Josh Maxwell (V4D2), Nathan Potter (V3D2), Caspian Watt (V1D4) and Jonathan Webb (V2D3) all progressed through the first round but Nicholas Howes (V1D5) did not.  Raphael Van Hoffelen withdrew from the event due to illness.  In the round of 128 Deary defeated Agamy (EGY) 15-3 and Maxwell beat Saiz (ESP) 15-8 but Knetz (POL) took Burton out 15-11, Hulshorster (GER) saw off Dacey 15-12, Quintero (VEN) beat Potter 15-6, Bonah (GER) defeated Watt 15-8 and Shirshov (RUS) overcame Webb 15-13.  In the 64 Deary beat Germoni (ITA) 15-5 but Cozmuleanu (ROU) took out Maxwell 15-9.  Deary went on to take the bronze medal and you can read the full report of his performance here.  Benjamin Nantanzon (USA) beat Dario Vaaliere (ITA) 15-9 to take the gold medal as Leonardo Dreossi (ITA) shared the bronze medal spot with Deary.

In the team event Deary, Maxwell and Webb lined up for Great Britain and in the round of 16 they beat Japan 45-39.  Italy beat them 45-40 in the quarterfinal but they went on to beat Egypt 45-42 and then Hungary 45-39 to finish fifth.  Russia beat Italy 45-32 to take the gold medal as France beat Ukraine 45-24 for the bronze.

GB placings:  Deary 3rd, Maxwell 22nd, Potter 82nd, Webb 97th, Dacey 101st, Burton 103rd, Watt 116th, Howes 119th & Van Hoffelen DNS.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Junior Women’s Sabre – Plovdiv

The eighty-two competitors in this event included seven from Britain.  Jessica Corby (V1D4), Sarah-Jane Hampson (V4D2) and Caitlin Maxwell (V4D1) all progressed through the first round but Shreya Anil (V1D5), Maria Chart (V1D5), Kate Daykin (V1D5) and Daisy Hutton (V0D6) did not.  Hampson and Maxwell earned byes through the incomplete round of 128 and they were joined in the 64 by Corby who beat Mazarotto (ITA) 15-8.  None of the British fencers could progress any further as Gargano (ITA) took out Corby 15-9, Hirn (GER) overcame Hampson 15-9 and Kaspiarovich (BLR) beat Maxwell 15-7.

Tania Arrayales (MEX) took the gold medal beating Anna Bashta (RUS) 15-10 in the final.  Olga Nikitina (RUS) and Mariya Tsymbota (UKR) went home with the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Maxwell 34th, Hampson 35th, Corby 64th, Chart 68th, Anil 70th, Daykin 72nd & Hutton 80th=.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Men’s Epee – Bonn

A massive field of two hundred and twenty-seven took part in this event and included fifteen from Great Britain.  Liam Deneley did not make the first round cut and Richard Michell and James Wake did not progress through the round of 256.  Only Matthew Dickinson, Connor Head, George Morris, Tarriq Roach and James Russell made the round of 64 with Roach and Russell progressing one stage further.  In the round of 32 Alfheim (NOR) beat Roach 15-9 and Philippe (FRA) took our Russell 15-3.

Arthur Philippe (FRA) went on to take the title beating Daniel De Mola (ITA) 15-12 in the final.  Damian Michalak (POL) and Marco Molluso (ITA) picked up the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Roach 18th, Russell 24th, Head 43rd, Morris 50th, Dickinson 60th, East 78th, Belot 87th, Cook 95th, Paul 108th, Shepherd 114th, McKendry 119th, Stigant 125th, Wake 153rd, Michell 166th & Deleney 183rd.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Women’s Epee – Heidenheim

Another big field of two hundred and thirty-five fencers took part in this event including fifteen from Britain.  All but Rebecca Knowles and Elena Palano made it through the first round but only Douce De Boisgelin, Katrina Dungay, Jacqueline Oien, Laura Sheffield, Charlotte Summer and Eliza Woodhouse made it through the round of 256.  Laura Sheffield was the only one to progress any further as she eventually made the round of 32 before losing 15-6 to Galfalvy (HUN).

Aizanat Murtazaeva (RUS) won the event beating Leo Mayer (GER) 15-14 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Brenda Kolbinger (GER) and Renata Petri (HUN).

GB placings:  Sheffield 23rd, Summers 79th, Oien 94th, Woodhouse 108th, Dungay 117th, De Boisgilen 128th, Harvey 130th, Bishop 142nd, De Liedekerke 143rd, Haynes 148th, Heaps 167th, Powell 177th, Ashby 178th, Palano 186th & Knowles 226th.

Full individual results here.

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